17 Lightning Bolts Hitting Famous Landmarks

Lighning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot, at least in theory. So, whenever I get a glimpse of one encapsulated withing a precious moment and a wonderful picture, I get excited. What’s your favorite landmark? I bet it’s been hit plenty, so feel free to look it up; in the meantime, check out these incredible picures of lightning ruling the skies, and Earth!

1. One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

Eighteen year-old photographer Nick Carwile was on a family trip to NYC when he was lucky enough to capture this strike at exactly the right moment.

2. Chicago’s Tallest Buildings

Chicago’s Tallest Buildings

Local videographer Craig Shimala captured lightning bolts hitting three of Chicago’s tallest buildings, which are  the Willis Tower, Trump Tower and the John Hancock Building; all at the same time!

3. The Vatican

The Vatican

In early 2013, Benedict XVI stunned the Catholic world by becoming the first Pope to resign in over 600 years. Just hours later, this massive bolt struck the basilica of St.Peter’s dome. Coincidence?

4. The Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge

Who says lightning never strikes the same place twice? In 2012, photographer Phil McGrew snapped this epic picture of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco being struck by eight bolts at once.

5. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

It’s insane how quiet the rest of the sky looks in this 2008 photo by amateur photographer Bertrand Kulik. Amazing!

6. Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Back in the 1800s, the Washington Monument was fitted with an aluminum cap and copper lightning rods to protect it from strikes like this one, captured by a Washington Post photographer in 2013.

7. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

It took New York photographer Jay Fine 40 years of bad weather to capture this amazing shot. Who has time for such a thing?

8. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

The US Department of the Interior called Travis Roe’s image of lightning striking in the Grand Canyon ‘one of the most spectacular’ they had ever seen.

9. Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Sean Gautreaux captured this crazy lightning bolt hitting the Empire State Building back in 2002, and it resembles a scene in The Ghostbusters.

10. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Seeing the tallest building in the world struck by lightning is something worth talking about.

11. Icelandic Volcano

Icelandic Volcano

Remember when Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in 2010, spewing ash and grounding all those planes? That resulted in some really cool wallpapers.

12. Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

I can’t seem to understand why a rock structure would be hit by lightning.

13. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Local photographer Rick Elkin caught this magnificent bolt striking the Brooklyn Bridge in 2008. Out of this world!

14. Space Needle

 Space Needle

It almost looks like this lightning bolt is coming from the Space Needle instead of the other way around. Are the aliens coming?

15. London Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge

Amateur photographer Daoud Fakhri was just testing a new lens by taking pictures of the British landmark when this happened.

16. St. Louis Arch

 St. Louis Arch

Any baseball fans remember that Cardinals and Royals game that went until 3 am due to a crazy rain delay? This was the most exciting part.

17. Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redeemer Statue

So, what do you say to something like that?

watch now how a LIGHTNING STRIKE hits the earth

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