17 Treasure Hunts in the UK

Anyone else think about Scooby Doo right now, or is it just me? I mean, who said that treasure hunts are just for kids, or just for the Easter Holidays? If you’re up for it, and have the money to travel, you’re welcomed to have fun any day of the year. The United Kingdom is counting on just that, as there are various destination within the country for you to enjoy a good treasure hunt.

I’m sure you’re wondering by now how to spot the perfect location; no worries, we’ve got you covered.

1. Jurassic Coast Treasure Trail

Jurassic Coast Treasure Trail

Travel from Exmouth to Dorset on this epic quest for treasure along the Jurassic Coast. Explore the area’s stunning geography on a quest for natural treasure from fossils to rare flowers. If nothing else, the views will be enjoyable.

2. Arundel Murder Mystery Treasure Trail

Arundel Murder Mystery Treasure Trail

Explore the castle and cathedral of ancient Arundel while on the path of solving a grisly murder mystery. Discover clues across the town, countryside, and harbour to uncover the truth. Just imagine the history part of this place.

3. Acton Trussell Hoard of the Rings

Acton Trussell Hoard of the Rings

Hunt for Roman artifacts on this countryside adventure in Staffordshire. Travel along the canal and through meadows for stunning views and the promise of uncovering something interesting from the past. Peace and quiet!

4. Lichfield Treasure Hunt

Lichfield Treasure Hunt

Travel through the city of Lichfield and uncover its unique literary history on a hunt for clues to find a historical treasure. I’m there!

5. 1066 Driving Trail, Sussex

1066 Driving Trail, Sussex

Explore Norman history on this day-long road trip through 1066 country. Tour Pevensey, Bexhill, and Crowhurst in a stunning adventure for historical treasures. Incredible, isn’t it?

6. Bexhill-on-Sea Spy Trail

Bexhill-on-Sea Spy Trail

Explore the secrets of Bexhill-On-Sea on a secret mission that will take you over the beaches, through harbours and parks, and gives stunning clifftop views of the ocean. Or just chill and enjoy the scenery.

7. Chiswick Riverside Treasure Hunt

Chiswick Riverside Treasure Hunt

Solve clues as you walk along the Thames to find your way through Chiswick’s fascinating history and architecture. It’s fun, and educational.

8. Covent Garden Treasure Hunt

Covent Garden Treasure Hunt

There’s always a new treasure to find in London’s lively Covent Garden, but put your treasure-hunting skills to a real test with this puzzling hunt. The map will lead you through some of London’s most busiest areas on the lookout for secret spots and landmarks practically invisible to the average passerby.

9. London Underground Treasure Hunt

London Underground Treasure Hunt

Join forces with London treasure hunters from around the city on this exploration of the London Underground, and compete for treasure along the way. If not, just ride the tube and have fun with it.

10. Borough, Book and Bankside

Borough, Book and Bankside

Solve clues for prizes on this literary hunt for clues across Borough and Bankside. Complete photo challenges while tracking history along the riverside of London.

11. Looe to Polperro South West Coast Path

Looe to Polperro South West Coast Path

The real treasure on this hunt along the coast is the spectacular views of the Cornwall seaside. Solve clues as you travel through fishing villages and harbours on this rewarding trip.

12. The King’s Mile, Canterbury

The King’s Mile, Canterbury

Piece together a historical treasure hunt while exploring Canterbury. Clues are littered throughout the city and will lead you through art galleries to ruins to gorgeous and peaceful views outside the city centre. Could you imagine living in those times?

13. Cardiff City Murder Mystery Trail, Wales

Cardiff City Murder Mystery Trail, Wales

Unlock clues as you explore Cardiff to solve a tough case. Snoop around the National Museum of Wales, Millennium Stadium, and other city landmarks to find out whodunnit. I doubt you’ll regret it.

14. Aberaeron Treasure Trail

Aberaeron Treasure Trail

Aberaeron has grown from a small fishing village, and your quest is to uncover treasures from past on this exploration of the lively riverside city. Walk along the coast and examine the riverbanks and harbours as well as the city’s nooks and crannies for natural and historical treasures. It looks so serene!

15. Falls of Clyde and New Lanark Treasure Trail

Falls of Clyde and New Lanark Treasure Trail

Hunt for natural treasure as you explore the gorgeous falls of South Lanarkshire. Keep an eye to the sky for falcons and watch the ground for unique foliage and rock formations as you hunt along this World Heritage Site.

16. Greyfriars Treasure Hunt, Edinburgh

Greyfriars Treasure Hunt, Edinburgh

Follow this spooky trail to uncover the mystery of Bobby the Skye Terrier, who guarded his master’s grave in Edinburgh’s creeptacular Greyfriar’s Bobby graveyard, for 14 years after his death. Explore Edinburgh’s history and solve clues to bring the century old mystery to rest. Cute dog!

17. Rhinns of Islay Treasure Trail

Rhinns of Islay Treasure Trail

Track down treasure along the gorgeous coast of west Scotland. Clues will lead you through picturesque villages, churchyards, and deserted beaches as you hunt down your bounty. I wonder if you’ll find any actual treasure.

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