18 Crazy Currency Designs

It’s all about the money, and that ain’t news. As cool and sexy as that sounds – having money, that is – not all money looks as good as it sounds. Things are getting confusing, so let’s clear this up: have you ever wondered how money looks outside of the US? Here’s a list with the oddest and crazies money designs out there. I’m not sure about the value, though.

16. Zimbabwe – A Trillion Dollar Bill

Zimbabwe - A Trillion Dollar Bill
Yes, this sounds like a line fromAustin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Who knew it took only one piece of paper to satisfy terrorists? Don’t even get me started on the inflation down there.

15. Germany – Wooden Money

Germany - Wooden Money
After World War I, Germany was in a deep financial crisis that caused mass hyper inflation. As a result, some people decided to print their own money – not a bad idea, for that matter. But did it work?

14. Fiji – Silver Meteorite Coin

Fiji - Silver Meteorite Coin
This 2012 coin might actually be cool. It contains pieces of a meteor that fell in Germany in 2002, but that does not explain why Fiji thought this would be a good idea for their money.

13. Republic of Palau – Holy Coin

Republic of Palau - Holy Coin
In God We Trust, at least that’s what’s written on US currency. But this is going to far: this coin contains a tiny bit of holy water from Lourdes in southern France. Why?

12. Republic of Palau – Pearl Coin

Republic of Palau - Pearl Coin
To prove the value of money, these particular coins actually contain a green freshwater pearl in them. Who thought this up?

11. Easter Island – Pop-Up Coin

Easter Island - Pop-Up Coin
The Easter Island Heads are unique and interesting to see. But these coins feature that particular tourist attraction prominently onto the country’s currency. And they pop up!

10. Tristan da Cunha – Concorde Coin

Tristan da Cunha - Concorde Coin
Another cool one, maybe. It seems this coin contains just a tiny bit of the Concorde’s heat shield. Since the plane is retired for a while, this might actually be valuable to collectors.

9. Benin – Marijuana Money

Benin - Marijuana Money
This 100 Franc coin – yes, it seems there are Francs down there – is pretty ordinary, if you ignore the bright green marijuana leaf on the back. It’s painted, right?

8. Zaire (today the Democratic Republic of Congo) – Punched Out Bills

Zaire (today the Democratic Republic of Congo) - Punched Out Bills
When Joseph Mobutu was overthrown in 1997, instead of printing new money some one came up with this: the government reused the old ones with Mobutu’s face punched out. That’s kind of practical, if you think about it.

7. Mongolia – Talking Money

Mongolia - Talking Money
Money talks.. literally. These Mongolian coins featuring JFK do just that; when pressed the coin plays part of JFK’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. Why JFK, though?

6. Northern Ireland – George Best 5 Pound Note

Northern Ireland - George Best 5 Pound Note
This note commemorates the Manchester United soccer player George Best, although I got two questions: 1. why a football player? 2. were there more than two 5-yeard old kids working on the design?

5. Ivory Coast – A Coin With Real Mammoth

Ivory Coast - A Coin With Real Mammoth
Supposedly, inside each of these coins in a small piece of a mammoth. I was led to believe that is highly illegal, so I’m thinking this might just be an urban myth.

4. Zambia – Silver Proof Coin

Zambia - Silver Proof Coin
This bizarre coin has a full once of silver it in. Not that strange, but the shape is a weird combination of Austraila and Zambia; who said coins had to be round, right?

3. Hungary – 100-Million-Billion Pengo Note

Hungary - 100-Million-Billion Pengo Note
Hyperinflation is responsible for this incredibly huge note from 1946. At that time, it was only worth about 20 American cents. I think the printing was way more expensive than its value.

2. Yugoslavia – 500,000,000,000-Dinara Bill

Yugoslavia - 500,000,000,000-Dinara BillI stand corrected; this one is way less valuable. I’m speechless.

1. Germany – Emergency Money

Germany - Emergency Money
This 50-Pfenning note was a piece of emergency money; I’m guessing old people usually needed an ambulance just after taking a glance at it. It seems emergency money was always produced locally and often depicted different scenes from folklore. Creepy!

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