20 Cool Winter Hats

Knitting and crocheting require time, patience, talent, and a lot of yarn. Besides that, it’s pretty trendy these days, with numerous hipsters prancing about in strange clothing and accessories. These winter hats that will keep you warm and help you stand out, although I’m sure few people will have the guts to wear them while in public. These crafty people have come up with the perfect way to keep warm and make a fashion statement, with these 20 cool winter hats.

1. Brain Beanie 

Brain Beanie

Show off your brains with this warm ‘thinking’ cap. I have a problem with the color of choice, though.

2. Viking Helmet Hat 

Viking Helmet Hat

That orange beard looks incredibly warm, but unpractical if you try to drink a cold one.

3. Deer Antler Snood

Deer Antler Snood

Dogs need to keep warm too, and why not add a little festivity to your canine’s wardrobe. I’m thinking the dog feels humiliated.

4. Totoro Hat 

Totoro Hat

A hat and a matching friend will help keep this cute baby warm. Cute baby being cute? Awesome!

5. Yoda Hat 

Yoda Hat

This baby loves looking like Yoda, or maybe she just loves how warm and soft her hat is. No matter, we are pleased.

6. Owl And Wolf 

Owl And Wolf

I’m not sure which one is your favorite, but to me those look more like decorativge pieces than anything else.

7. Crocheted Knight’s Helmet Cap 

Crocheted Knight’s Helmet Cap

Love how the mouth guard is optional, and I’m sure you could have a blast at the office with this one.

8. Fox Cowl 

Fox Cowl

This foxy hat is the perfect accessory to keep your head, neck and shoulders from freezing. I like it!

9. The Beholder Hat 

The Beholder Hat

Look away, as Medusa was quite dangerous and deadly. I’m not sure about this lady, though.

10. Christmas Tree Hat 

Christmas Tree Hat

Tis the season! Or, at least, it was. I guess this works too, if you live in a tropical location.

11. Medieval Hood

Medieval Hood

Glam, historical, and warm. It’s perfect, and I’m sure your girlfriend would want one.

12. Mummy Hat 

Mummy Hat

A warm Halloween costume idea for next year; or, just a trendy way to scare up the family.

13. Cthulhu Ski Hat 

Cthulhu Ski Hat

Good thingthere was a straw avaiable, otherwise the matching gloves would have proven cute, but useless.

14. Crochet Aviator Hat For Baby 

Crochet Aviator Hat For Baby

Isn’t that cute. But it’s.. Well, I got nothing. It is cute, and I love it!

15. Spock Vulcan Hat 

Spock Vulcan Hat

Now, this one is plain old silly. I’ve seen some Sta-Trek fans in my life, but this is way too much.

16. Bender Hat 

Bender Hat

Let’s play hide and go seek. I’ll hide!

17. Gimli’s Dwarven Helm

Gimli’s Dwarven Helm

There’s nothin more sexy than a chick LOTR fan. And just look at the amount of work she put in.

18. Optimus Prime Crochet Hat 

Optimus Prime Crochet Hat

You know what would be even cooler? To have a digital voice synthetizer built-in into the crochet to alter your voice.

19. Mad Scientist Hat 

Mad Scientist Hat

You can turn anyone into a mad scientist with this fun hat. Albert would have been proud.

20. Crochet Peacock Hat 

Crochet Peacock Hat

Keep your entire face warm with this colorful peacock hat. I guess this lady wants to brag about something, or to get the attention. Success!

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