25 Epic Dance Music Festivals

If you’re in the mood to party, that’s good; the weekend is upon us anyway. Festival season in the US might be over for now, but around the world the party never stops; you just have to know where to look and to create an itinerary.  So, pack your bags and load up on cash and excitement, ’cause we’ve got you covered. Here are the most epic 25 dance festivals around thw world. Party on!

25. Boom, Portugal

Boom, Portugal

A massive eco-friendly psytrance festival is held at Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal. The Boom lasts about a week at the end of July, and features multiple stages, art installations, workshops, lectures, and even film screenings. No reason not to go there.

24. ZoukOut, Singapore

ZoukOut, Singapore

I’m already freezing over here, but people in Singapore will be hosting a massive beach party this December. 41,000 people attended last year’s ZoukOut, an annual party that boasts a lineup of world-class talent. that’s one way to spend Christmas!

23. Mysteryland, Netherlands/Croatia

Mysteryland, Netherlands/Croatia

Obviously, when it comes to electronic music, Netherlands first comes to mind. <ysteryland is the first and original electornic music festival, featuring 10 stages of top-teir talent which keep 60,000 people entertained over the course of a weekend in August.

22. Shambhala, Canada

Shambhala, Canada

Shambhala is the legendary festival that’s one of Canada’s oldest and most popular, which is why it needs no introduction or advertising. It has been family owned and operated since the 90’s.

21. Snowbombing, Austria

Snowbombing, Austria

I’m looking at all that snow and thinking I need me some blankets.But the “Greatest Show on Snow” is raging in Austria during this 5-day long festival of heavy beats and winter sports. Cool!

20. Defqon 1, Netherlands/Australia

Defqon 1, Netherlands/Australia

Defqon 1 is what most consider hard-dance heaven. It’s got a theme, hundreds of key players in the hardstyle, hard trance, and hardcore scenes, and every year a headliner is invited to make an actual anthem for the event.

19. BPM Festival, Mexico

 BPM Festival, Mexico

This is a 10-day festival, located in Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen. Its program spans the entire time –  day and night – and features an extensive lineup that reads like a true EDM fan’s artist bucket list. Nothing but the best!

18. South West Four, UK

South West Four, UK

One of the UK’s premier festivals, South West Four celebrated its 10th anniversary just last year. There’s a reason for that, as fans here enjot all-killer no-filler lineups. Judging by the pics, it’s one awesome place to party.

17. Sunburn Goa, India

Sunburn Goa, India

Featured on most lists of “festivals to attend before you die”, Sunburn has bounced around between locations in India, and is returning to Goa in December of 2014. Over 100,000 attendees gather here, so you better plan ahead.

16. Life Festival, Ireland

Life Festival, Ireland

By the Belvedere House in Mullingar, this 3-day annual Life Festival showcases music and art. It has been one of the top ranking European festivals for more than a decade now, and I bet it will keep at it.

15. Balaton Sound, Hungary

Balaton Sound, Hungary

This massive outdoor festival in Zamárdi is so popular, that everyone’s head of it. Ever-increasing ticket prices and capacity usually means success and fame, and the fact that it usually sells out before tickets are released to official vendors proves just that.

14. Djakarta Warehouse Project. Indonesia

Djakarta Warehouse Project. Indonesia

DWP has quickly become Indonesia’s biggest and most successful dance music festival, since it began just two years ago. I’m curious!

13. Electronic Family Festival, Amsterdam

Electronic Family Festival, Amsterdam

For finding your genuine “trance family,” this sizable festival in Amsterdam showcases some of the finest European and International talent when it comes to House, Trance, and Hard Dance genres. Have a taste!

12. Qlimax


This just might be one of the greatest annual events in the world. Qlimax is known for unparalleled production, stunning shows and unrivaled audio experience – just what you’d expect to enjoy the perfect atmosphere.

11. Berlin Festival, Germany

Berlin Festival, Germany

This festival boasts an extensive lineup geared towards the true dance music fanatic. Berlin Festival is a weekend marathon in September, one to remember.books.

10. Tomorrowland, Belgium

Tomorrowland, Belgium

Tomorrowland is the festival of festivals, specifically where the people who put on festivals gather. No expense is spared, which usually means mind-blowing stages, audiophile quality sound, and a batch of artists that no other party can shake a stick at. This is the place to be!

9. Hard Bass, Netherlands

Hard Bass, Netherlands

Fans can expect at least one thing at this Netherlands hard-dance festival: hard bass. And lots of it. This is an annual January event, which has grown steadily and aggressively since 2003. You’d better not eat and stand close to the speakers!

8. Labyrinth, Japan

Labyrinth, Japan

Nestled in the lush mountains of Niigata, this is the single stage of Japan’s ever-popular, ever-exclusive Labyrinth Festival. The lineups represent the absolute cream of the techno crop, so it’s all about the quality not popularity.

7. Sónar,  Spain

Sónar, Spain

Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night – this is a three day festival in Barcelona which started off in the 90’s. It has become a platform for groundbreaking arts, technology, and there’s even a fair for professionals in the industry. Lots to see here.

6. Melt! Festival, Germany

Melt! Festival, Germany

Every year, Melt! Festival transforms the “City of Steel” from an industrial wasteland into the hottest place to be in Germany. Held in July, this event is a fusion of Electronic Music and Rock, with the lineup including 80 artists across 6 stages.

5. Nature One, Germany

Nature One, Germany

18 stages, 300 DJs/live acts, and 64,000 other people to share the experience with. I think that about covers Germany’s Nature One festival, which is actually renowned for the fireworks display that erupts on the Saturday evening of the event.

4. Sensation, Netherlands/Worldwide

Sensation, Netherlands/Worldwide

Formerly a two-part series – Sensation White and Sensation Black – in Amsterdam, Sensation has spread to 20+ countries, and I’m not sure it’s gonna slow down any time soon. Regardless of the destination, Sensation’s production is always next-level, the lineup is perfect and the house beats keeps everyone mounted for the duration of the event.

3. Dance Valley, Netherlands

Dance Valley, Netherlands

There are various mega-festivals around the world, but this is the “Woodstock of Dance” -and that’s saying a lot. This festival has worn that title proudly since it started, back in 1995. Though it is exclusively a dance music event, Dance Valley has found mass appeal by stacking its lineup with leading producers – from trance, to hard dance, to house, to moombahton, to dubstep, and various others.

2. Outlook Festival, Croatia

Outlook Festival, Croatia

In September you should be in Croatia, experiencing a festival like none other on the planet. Outlook Festival irpvoides visitors with both adventure and mind-blowing music, with several stages throughout the event hosted on boats cruising the coast, built in grimy underground tunnels, and even housed inside ruins. Your choice!

1. Astropolis, France

Astropolis, France

This is a proper festival, orginating from the illegal underground rave scene. Astropolis proved instrumental in establishing a precedent for officially sanctioned EDM events in France, and with 2015 being the reason of celebratiing the 20th anniversary of the popular event, you should definitely be part of it. Don’t regret not being there!

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