The 5 Best Smartwatches So Far

The latest trend and gadget out there is the smartwatch. A piece of wearable tech that will vibrate each time you receive a text message, making you look stylish and cool. Smartwatches are taking the world by storm, and if you plan to get one you better check out the 5 best smartwatches out there, so far. Here we go!

5. Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2

Samsung is one of the current leaders in the smartphone industry, and tech industry in general. As a result, they had it easier, since they only needed to shrink their existing devices and technology in order to make them fit on your wrist. This is how the Gear 2 ended up on our list; it features a 2MP camera built into the face of the smartwatch, voice commands that use the S-Voice system and also works as a fitness tracker using S-Fitness. But don’t get excited just yet, as there are few apps to be enjoyed and functionality is limited.

4. Sony Universal SW2

Sony Universal SW2

The Sony SW2 smartwatch is all about the apps. Operation is done entirely by touchscreen, which is more in line with the original smartwatch concept; the screen is easy to use and easy to lock, in order to prevent any accidental Facebook status updates. Please note that the SW2 only works with Android devices; as for its overall look, I think it’s stylish yet restraint: a watch for every occasion.

3. Martian Passport

Martian Passport

The Passport is probably the smartest looking of all the smartwatches on the list, but there’s more hiding under the hood. This smartwatch works almost exclusively using voice commands, which may sound cool but could end up in disaster. Imagine a guy, all dressed-up, and getting out of a cool car; just as he walks passed a babe, he starts talking to himself – I wonder, what will she think about that?

The good news is that the scrolling display will tell you when you are receiving a call or a text, and you can even place calls directly from your wrist or control your phone’s camera. But that’s about it.

2. Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel

The Steel improves on the original Pebble project. It works with both iOS 5+ and any Android system beyond 2.3, has its own dedicated app store and features pure Gorilla glass so that it won’t shatter when them kids get their hands on it – you know they will. This watch allows you to choose whether you want it to appear as a smooth analog watch, or something more artistic. Please note that having to operate it entirely with the buttons mounted on the side is definitely not cool.

1. Pebble Original

Pebble Original

This smartwatch is affordable, and that’s important. The OG Pebble boastsa  plastic screen and a cheaper band, although it will carry many of the same basic features as well as all of the apps of its newer, better brother while costing a bit less. The body is completely waterproof, and the battery will run between 5 and 7 days; if nothing else, this is the best way to experience a smartwatch until one that fits your desires gets launched.

Best Smartwatch in 2016 | updated: january 2016

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