9 Incredible Ways of Transportation

We live in a world of technology, where you never know what some people will come up with next. This technology has no doubt brought many benefits to our civilization; just think of audio players, ways of storing data and men flying through space like it was nothing. This means that was once was, or now is science fiction tomorrow may well become reality. Obviously, our ways of transportation has been heavily altered and improved over the years; so, here’s a list with the most astounding ones of all.

9. Hyperbike


Nearly every American family has at least one bike in their garage. But, someone thought they could do better than that, so the Hyperbike was invented. It requires the entire human body to move it; you have to pedal with your hands and feet, so this is actually a good way to work out. One question still remains: where to use it?

8. Aquaskipper


The inventor of the Aquaskipper decided boats and bridges were too boring, so this thing allows users to use a metal pole to propel themselves across the water; who had the idea of floating metal? I can’t wait to see the marketing strategies.

7. Monowheel


The Monowheel is very similar to the Hyperbike, meaning it can’t really be ridden where normal bikes usually do. The only place where you can drive this thing is really in a large parking lot with no cars. It’s undoubtedly creative, but I can’t really imagine how you start off without a push or how ridiculous you’d look at a traffic light.

6. Funicular

FunicularRemove featured image

The concept behind the Funicular is basically two cars that are attached to each other on a cable that runs up a slope. It was based on the idea that two cars counterbalance each other, as one heads up and the other heads down; not bad, actually, but it’s slow and it seems to be meant for fun, rather than practicality.

5. Aeroscraft


The Aeroscraft is an air vehicle that saw a prototype being launched in 2010. It was designed to hold a lot of cargo and transport lots of passengers in luxury seating, as well as take off and land without an airstrip. Actually, this is a modern day Zeppelin or blimp; not a bad thing, although we’re all thinking Hindenburg right about now.

4. Personal Jet Pack

Personal Jet Pack

Sure, James Bond looked cool using one of these things. But personal jet packs can fly at sixty miles per hour with a flight time of thirty minutes on a full tank; slow, windy and cold. And since they are estimated to cost over $150,000, the jet pack sounds more like an expensive safety hazard. Don’t drink and fly!

3. Shweeb Monorail

Shweeb Monorail

The Shweeb Monorail is a proposed rapid transit network that is based on monorail cars. Designed in New Zealand, no company or country has yet to adopt the Shweeb Monorail for use. It’s way too close to a theme park ride; and could you imagine people passing you by in New York in one of those things? Funny stuff.

2. Electric Bicycles

Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles are supposed to combine the comfort of a car, with the simplicity of a bike. Looking sleek and beautiful, electric bicycles only have an effective range of ten miles at this time, so unless you’re office is that close – for a recharge during work hours – this doesn’t sound like fun.

1. Hovercraft


The hovercraft has been featured prominently in books and movies. Capable of traveling over both land and water, these things are noisy and they burn up quite a lot of fuel. Hopefully, advancements in technology will fix these issues since it would be really awesome to own one of these bad boys.

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