9 Interesting Places For Camping in Europe


Europe is the perfect place for camping, sicne changing locations or countries can prove to be fairly easy. Not only are the countries all within close proximity, the landscape invites you to linger and enjoy. The countryside is often overlooked by the average city tourist, and so camping gives adventurous travellers a true and more beautiful image of a country. So, the next time you’re travelling, you might want to take note of this list of 9 interesing places to camp in.

9. Son Bou Menorca Camping, Spain (perfect for beach camping)


Son Bou Menorca Camping, Spain



This place welcomes you with a playground, pool, and tennis court. The grounds are situated between a pine tree forest and an island, and guests have the option of tent camping or hiring cabins. If bored, you may want to try out hiking, bicycle hire, canoeing, surfing, water skiing and horseback riding.

8. Chateau de Monfreville, France


Chateau de Monfreville, France


This is some serious old fashioned field camping on the west coast of France. They have no space for camper vans, caravans or pets; however, the property does come equipped with a natural hot tub and swimming pond and fire pits for those toasty campfires you’ve always dreamed of having. Get in quickly though, because space is limited to only 25 tents at a time.

7. Weichselbrunn campgrounds, Bodenwöhr, Germany


Weichselbrunn campgrounds, Bodenwöhr, Germany


Ranked as one of the best camping grounds in Europe, the Weichselbrunn is located amongst a lakeside forest, with beautiful scenery at your doorstep. At the camp site you can hire bicycles, go hiking, fishing, swimming and canoeing. What a view!

6. Valle Santa Maria Camping, Tuscany (Elba), Italy


Valle Santa Maria Camping, Tuscany (Elba), Italy


Imagine pitching your tent right beside the beautiful white beaches of Italy. Well, you don’t have to imagine, since you can play tennis, go swimming, soak up the sun, hire bicycles, go hiking or simply just spend an evening at the bar with friends at this campsite.

5. Half Island River Camp, Buna, Bosnia


Half Island River Camp, Buna, Bosnia


This camp site, located on the edge of the Buna River, is just a few kilometres from the town of Buna, one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Europe. You can pitch tents, go swimming and fishing at this camp site. The grounds at this site are simple, but impressive.

4. Camping Zasavica, Serbia


Camping Zasavica, Serbia


A relatively new camping ground, the Zasavica is located in an area surrounding the Special Nature Reserve, which can be visited by boat or pedestrian tours organised at the campsite. The campsite has the capacity to hold motor homes, caravans and tents.

3. Camping Obstgarten, South Tyrol, Italy


Camping Obstgarten, South Tyrol, Italy


A camping ground located within luscious orchards in the North of Italy, this place boasts green hills and paddocks; the grass is really greener on the other side, with personal natural swimming pond and children’s playground also available.

2. Kattegat Strand Camping, Aalborg, Denmark | beach camping


Kattegat Strand Camping, Aalborg, Denmark


Located 2 km from the small fishing village of Oster Hurup, this camping ground boasts charm and is surrounded by beautiful beaches and coastal grassland. The campsite is large, with approximately 600 pitches and has a large range of activities including fishing, swimming and ballgames.

1. Camping Lindlbauer, Bavaria (Konigssee), Germany


Camping Lindlbauer, Bavaria (Konigssee), Germany


Recently opened, this campsite now hosts home to 80 spaces for motor homes, caravans and tents alike. It is located in the Bavarian landscape, on the outskirts of Inzell. Camping Lindlbauer, unlike many of its competitors, is equally as popular in winter, with snowfall making it look uniquely picturesque against the mountain backdrop.

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