Cool Off At The 9 Best Pool Parties Around

When you were eight, going to a pool party meant packing your favorite water wings, some OP shorts, and maybe a bottle of SPF 45. Well, also part of the package was adult supervision and some serious nagging. However, pool parties for adults often mean world-class DJs, spraying Champagne in people’s faces, and some gorgeous models prancing around in bikinis – yes please! Here are the best 9 parties you should not miss out on!

9. Marquee Day Club

Marquee Day Club

22,000 square feet of nightclub/dayclub, packed to the velvet ropes with people who came to town planning to make bad decisions, wearing very little, and dancing to A-list DJs. And if the sun by the pool gets too boring for you, the indoor club should get you going.

8. Champagne Spray Party

Champagne Spray Party

The Ocean Club pool parties are insanely expensive, since tasty bottles of grape juice are used for bathing. So, the question is: is champagne better down your throat or all over a hot Spanish girl?

7. XIV Sessions, Hyde Beach

XIV Sessions, Hyde Beach

If you happen to be driving through Miami, you should definitely check out this monthly themed bash. The party also rages on at Bellagio in Vegas, but much like the LA originator, also lacks the bikinis and cool water of a South Beach swimming pool.

6. Encore Beach Club, Wynn Encore

Encore Beach Club, Wynn Encore

Waiting in lin ehas never been more worthy. This party at the Nevada’s coolest hotel has stripper poles on the water, often manned by actual off-duty strippers. The world’s top DJ talent doesn’t hurt the scene either.

5. Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

The main stage at Ultra is cool, but when a giant swimming pool with bikini-clad girls rolling around in giant, see-through bubbles is part of the view, people really get excited. Every weekend, all summer slong, visitors can enjoy just that at the Ushuaia hotel in Ibiza!

4. Reload, Shore Club

Reload, Shore Club

This is considered to be the #1 pool party in Miami, which is saying a lot for a city whose main industry is pretty much pool parties. Every Sunday you’ll see more silicone at this villa-style pool than you would on some layers of the Earth; drinking and dancing in the pool are also allowed.

3. Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach

This weekly themed bash on the French Riviera is a regular hangout for celebs, but even moreso for rich people you’ve never heard of like Saudi princes and Asian business tycoons. What better place to go hunting for sexy babes?

2. Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel

This hipster-cool pool scene is a refuge for LA folks with enough cash to play in Palm Springs for the weekend that attracts an upscale, attractive crowd and has great drinks. Have fun!

1. Heat Wave Summer Series, W Hong Kong

Heat Wave Summer Series, W Hong Kong

76 stories up and boasting a panoramic view of the most famous waterfront in Asia, this place has got it all: the hottest girls in the far East’s most international city, cocktails and the most outrageous parties.

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