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Nuclear Mysteries We’ve Managed to Solve

Nuclear physics is a little over a century old as a science, but it has already generated quite a series of puzzles and mysteries. As we are about to see, many have been answered during this time, but some at the cost of creating fresh problems for scientists to solve. 10. The Rope Trick Effect

9 Weird Architectural Concepts Of The Modern World

Architects are usually very creative people, so it’s not normally surprising when you encounter a structure or a project that is fairly peculiar. However sometimes, even architects outdo themselves and come up with ideas that are so baffling, that they end up on lists like this one. 9. Earthships There’s a significant trend towards making

Surprising Things We’re Running Out Of

We seem to be living in age of abundance – well, some of us at least in a few parts of the world (and if you have time to stop and read a list like this one on the internet instead of looking for food and water, or trying to avoid being killed by your

Interesting Celebrity Death Conspiracy Theories

Whenever someone famous dies in even slightly suspicious circumstances, a lot of people feel like it’s their duty to come up with weird, convoluted explanations for their untimely demise. Sometimes, these theories can get really crazy, as you are about to see. 10. Paul Walker Paul Walker, of Fast & Furious fame, was in a