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Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in 2015

Ever wondered what are the best paid jobs in the United States in 2015? The following list takes into account the median income for each particular job and will give you a general idea of how valued different professionals are. 10. Pharmacist – $116,500 Most people probably think of pharmacists like just the people who

Top 10 Ugly Sports Cars

These are the fastest, most expensive and – surprisingly – the most ugly sports cars in the world. A list of super fast cars that feature horrible body designs isn’t all  that common. Creating a supercar and making it look like a million bucks seems to be the recipe for success. However, these developers went

Top 10 Googled Car Brands

We all know this widely used term that describes searching for something on the most popular internet search engine in the world: Google. Every 30 days, Google puts together in a list the most searched terms entered into it. And then, at the end of the year they release a list of the most searched

Top 15 Richest Countries In 2050

Predicting the future is a difficult task, as any projections of the new world order in the next decades involve complex analysis of vital economic systems and infrastructure. The quality of a nation’s education system and democratic institutions, fertility rates and rule of law, are all considered. So, the question is: what’s next? HSBC have

Top 10 Rich Sport Teams

If you thought you were rich, check out this list! It’s all about sports this time, as we go down the list of 10 richest sports teams in 2015. All the teams featured here have honored history and an extravagant value for everyone involved. I’m not sure which one’s your favorite, but that’s beside the

14 Funny & Useful iPhone Notifications

First of all, it should be mentioned that these aren’t really out there, available for us to enjoy. Ho0wever, that doesn’t make them less funny, or useful; so, if you work at Apple or know someone who does, make sure they pay attention and take notes. Aside from that, iPhone users who would love nothing

15 Products By Coca-Cola

Coca Cola is the largest and most trusted beverage brand in the world. It employs approximately 130,600 people worldwide, and does over $40 billion in annual revenues. Founded in 1886, Coca Cola has gone through many products to become the leading maker, marketer and retailer of nonalcoholic beverages. Few people know that its popular brand

12 Valuable Celebrity Fragrances

Let’s face it, these days you’re not really a celebrity until you have your own fragrance. There’s also more to be dones, such as enter the fashion industry, collaborate with car manufacturers or sports products; but, a fragrance will definitely put you on the map. Anyone from athletes, to movie stars, to musicians, have created multiple signature scents,

10 Movie Theater Chains Worth Checking Out

If you were wondering which are the best movie theaters around the world, you’d better kick back, have a cold one and enjoy this post. We are here for you, so that the next time you’ll have to chose where to see a movie, it won’t be that difficult to make a choice. When it