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Top 10 Hottest Body Doubles in Hollywood

Whether it’s stunt doubles for the more dangerous scenes, or body doubles, for the scenes in which they don’t want to reveal everything to the camera, actresses often have to use stand-ins. We’re talking gorgeous Hollywood movie stars here, so these doubles have to be very attractive as well – as you are about to

Top 10 Celebrities Making a Fortune from Their Physical Assets

Skill, talent, and sheer brainpower might bring you success if you want to be an entrepreneur, scientist, or chess player, but often enough people can make a lucrative career purely from their physical assets. Looking at the numbers below, you’d be tempted to think you’re probably better off that way! 10. Courtney Stodden Courtney Stodden

Top 10 Richest Boxers of 2015

Professional boxing is one of the most popular and lucrative sports in the world. One only has to look at the recent bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which sold a record 4.4 million PPVs, earning a staggering $410 million from that source alone. Furthermore, many great fighters are charismatic and popular figures, which

10 Celebrities Who Lost Their Homes

When the tax man comes after you the first thing he put’s his hands on is your house. You’d never imagine it, but even celebrities go through that in life due to some financial problems. This is the case of many Hollywood stars, athletes and other stars who easily drop some big deals and after

13 Celebs And Their Amazing Car Collections

I wish I had such amounts of money at my disposal that I could afford to buy every car that passed me by; just for the hell of it. When you are a high rolling celebrity, that dream becomes a reality; sure, you might have designer wardrobes, fashionable shoe collections but multi-million dollar car collections

10 Voice Actors And Their Look-Alike Characters

A good actor can transform into many characters, but one with a strong vocal personality can make a cartoon really come to life.The voice of the cartoon character can make a character look completely different and it differentiates as much as the animation does. There’s plenty of characters to go for, with animations getting increasingly

10 Celebrities That Will Keep You Alive During A Zombie Apocalypse

Well, it’s a zombie apocalypse! At least, that’s what Hollywood productions have been trying to convince us about the last few years. There are monstrous undead roaming the streets in search of a human sandwich, and that human could very well be you. Suddenly, you’re remembering all those television shows, movies and video games recently

20 Starry Sky Photos You Won’t Believe

The night sky is a truly beautiful thing, a window into the world beyond planet Earth. A starry sky usually means inspiration, incredible views and a romantic date; it has remained a part of cultures all across the world since the beginning of time as we make wishes on stars and feel inspired by the

10 Supermodels And Their Incredible Homes

Supermodels earn super amounts of money, for obvious reason. Indeed, for each working year the price a supermodel can put on his or her own face appearing in an advert could be triple compared to the previous year. So the big question is: what to spend it all on? Well, I guess you’ve got it