The 12 best Fitness Models with their contact details

All fitness fans have a goal body in mind. It’s an ongoing quest, that gets more challenging as bodies change and age. And hey, it’s one hell of a way to spend your free time. But what about those people who have already reached physical perfection? We can follow these fitness models and can learn their fitness tips.

Those lucky few now have social media to show off their results. Fitness models who post tantalising shots of their bodies online never tire of telling fans that they achieved that perfection through hard work, healthy eating, dedication, and perseverance. Whether you yourself are trying to get some fitspiration, or you just appreciate looking at those tight abs and even tighter butts, these are some of the best and most influential fitness models to follow – particularly, on Instagram.

12. Laura Michelle Prestin Fitness Model | 81,900 Followers

Laura Michelle Prestin Fitness Model | 81,900 Followers

Laura Michelle Prestin is known for her edgy photos, and has inspired thousands of people to live a healthier lifestyle, and she is also a personal trainer. Laura has always been active, and played sports while growing up. She became a model in her early twenties, and started diving into the hardcore fitness world after people were asking her if she had ever considered becoming a fitness model.

11. Hannah Bronfman Fitness Model | 132,000 Followers

Hannah Bronfman Fitness Model | 132,000 Followers

When it comes to living life to the fullest, Hannah Bronfman is the definition of such an act. She is a DJ, a model, a fitness enthusiast, and an entrepreneur. She began to post photos of her workouts and her figure, and her popularity began to skyrocket. Hannah currently resides in Manhattan, and is proof that you can live a normal and realistic life, while maintaining a figure that is ready for any runway.

10. Tracy Anderson Fitness Model | 133,000 Followers

Tracy Anderson Fitness Model | 133,000 Followers

Tracy Anderson is one of the foremost authorities on fitness and nutrition on the Internet today. She is a celebrity fitness trainer, and has become nearly just as well known as the celebrities she helps. Tracy is a mom along with running her own fitness empire. She is best known for her system, called the “Tracy Anderson Method”, which has inspired and helped many people achieve their fitness goals.

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