8 Most Hipster Neighborhoods

Does any of you watch 2 Broke Girls? You really should! Those incredibly funny chicks really hate hipsters, which is why they play it really safe and whenever even one hangs around, they find a suitable solution to that problem. It starts with one person, they move into a forgotten neighborhood, others follow and before you know it the crime, dark alleys and graffiti is no longer a reason to stay away. So, there it is: a community, drinking coffee, enjoying beer and growing very bushy beards. This is now a hipster neighborhood, but the only one; how to decide which is the coolest and most hipster? Check out this list and find out!

8. Malasana (Madrid, Spain)

Malasana (Madrid, Spain)

Malasana is an place of book lovers, thrift shops and super skinny black pants that matches your glasses. However, at night it’s a different story. Locals and tourists spill out of restaurants and bars into crooked streets, with flannel, tattoos and craft beer houses disguised as dive bars everywhere. Feel free to check out La Bicicleta, a café with bicycles on the walls and tattooed baristas waiting to serve you espressos. And there’s way more to enjoy!

7. Pearl District (Portland, Oregon, US)

Pearl District (Portland, Oregon, US)

The Pearl District is pretty popular these days. Surrounded by galleries and studios, this area has been frequented by artist and musicians for years. There’s also top, award-winning breweries, bookstores, record stores and lots of parks. Old warehouses have been converted into massive loft residences furnished with strange pieces from weird antique stores that line the streets. There’s no need to come here, but you will never leave once you do.

6. Kreuzberg (Berlin, Germany)

Kreuzberg (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin is pretty hipster or rebel, with Kreuzberg at the epicenter of this behavior. The food is diverse and there is no lack of cool bars; you might enjoy coffee and street art since you can find those everywhere. Once a ruin, this neighborhood is located on the border of East and West Berlin and now attracts anyone who enjoys kicking back and thinking about the future.

5. Shoreditch (London, UK)

Shoreditch (London, UK)

Those dudes looking like rock stars live in Shoreditch, along with their model girlfriends – that’s enough for me to move in right now. Shoreditch is the place for artists, small shops and bars, with breweries getting bigger, but Brew Dog and Camden Brewery are keeping the local tradition alive. Hipsters should know that there’s also an e-cigarette coffee shop; why, I don’t know!

4. Florentin (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Florentin (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Made up of old converted warehouses, this neighborhood is attracting the hip from all around the world. Florentin is old-school cool, complete with prostitute streets and cops hassling the street artists; not that attractive, if you ask me. However, this community unique boasts many bakery and pastry shops, as well as lots of cool girls. You should check out this place while it’s still there.

3. Sodermalm (Stockholm, Sweden)

Sodermalm (Stockholm, Sweden)

Vintage shopping, cozy bars, , indie bookstores – this is what you’ll find in Sodermalm . Feel free to enjoy a bottle of beer from Brooklyn Brewery and then step out and enjoy the great wooden architecture of the surrounding houses.

2. Mission District (San Francisco, CA, US)

Mission District (San Francisco, CA, US)

The Mission District neighborhood is unique; this old neighborhood is filled with  art and entertainment, diverse restaurants, bars, and of course, coffee shops distracting you from the murals painted on the sides of buildings. The twenty-something hipsters mix with the homeless and aging artists, and it seems everyone gets along.. sometimes.

1. Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York, US)

Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York, US)

Williamsburg is the birthplace of hipster neighborhoods. There are coffee shops, organic farmer markets, beards, a variety of food trucks and creative residents. Williamsburg has gone through a change the past few years, with the neighborhood being way too attractive, hence the rising real estate and cost of living. However, the flavor and spirit is still very strong; watch out!

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