15 Incredible Hidden Hot Springs

The most remote hot springs in the world, so you can catch some much needed you-time. As if you weren’t hot enough, you will now dip yourself in steamy waters and enjoy a royal treatment; but there’s more places than one to do so. So, check out this list of the most incredible 15 hot springs to cook in!

15. Wier Creek Hot Springs, Idaho


Deep in the Clearwater National Forest lies a hot spring, where you may enjoy a relaxing bath in the forest under the stars. There may be more popular places than this, but you won’t regret this choice.

14. Olympic Hot Springs, Washington

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7 shallow hot springs in Olympic National Park went from discovery in 1892, to a resort in 1966 and have been reclaimed by nature in the meantime. The remote location and large “bathe at your own risk” sign will discourage most, but the rest will enjoy a good dip.

13. Granite Hot Springs, Wyoming

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The clear waters of the Wyoming Granite Hot Springs have a season-appropriate temperature of 112 degrees in the winter, to as low as 80 degrees in the summer. Developed with a deck and maintained by the US Forest Service, this place requires you to ski or snowmobile to the location in the winter.

12. McCredie Hot Springs, Oregon

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This riverside destination off a trail in the Willamette National Forest is still occasionally vacant, making for an incredible wild experience. The springs are actually a series of pools that lessen in temperature the further from the source you get, so you can choose the temperature you want to be cooked at.

11. Angseri Hot Springs, Bali

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How about relaxing in a hot spring devoid of tourists, and even locals? This rare one has a waterfall immediately adjacent, which means you get hot and cool off at Angseri Hot Springs; all in a day’s work.

10. Mystic Hot Springs, Utah

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These hot springs in Monroe, Utah, will satisfy any of your desires. With waters reaching up to 168 degrees, and a gorgeous desert backdrop suitable for catching incredible sunsets, Mystic Hot Springs is certainly worth the trip.

9. Marin Tidal Hot Springs, California

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These hidden springs on the Northern California coast lie behind a boulder on the ocean. You’ll want to check the tide watch, since if you don’t arrive at low tide, the spring will be nearly impossible to access.

8. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

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The gorgeous waters of this spring are 56 miles outside of Fairbanks, well known for their healing properties. The United States Department of Agriculture has sent chemists to analyze its composition recently, who concluded that these waters are indeed unique, possibly due to Alaska’s geographical placement.

7. Puritama Hot Springs, Chile

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Resting at the bottom of a canyon in the Atacama Desert, the eight pools of the Puritama Hot Springs in Northern Chile only recently opened to the public. So, hurry and enjoy them while the word’s not out. Yet!

6. Travertine Hot Springs, California


Possibly the best kept hot-spring-secret in the great state of California, Travertine Hot Springs are a great blend of warm mineral waters, soft sediment bottoms, and stunning scenery. It’s looking closer to Heaven then my shower, that’s for sure!

5. Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan


This oasis in the Dead Sea allows you to enjoy a dip in these Roman baths used for centuries. Located outside Madaba, the waters of Hammamat Ma’in feature a perfect blend of magnesium, calcium, and potassium. But, the Dead Sea doesn’t really make me feel relaxed, if you know what I mean.

4. Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula

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The cool thing about the hot springs on Deception Island, is that they’re there, for everyone to see, beneath the black sands on the coast. Few want to go all the way to the antarctic for some naturally warm water, so you’ll likely only be competing with crazier people than you, but that’s OK, right?

3. Strawberry Hot Springs, Colorado


Famous slopes, hot springs, and lots of Colorado forest are part of the exciting package offered by Strawberry Hot Springs. Getting there is difficult, but after you navigate backroads that may be covered in snow during the winter seasons via a four-wheel-drive vehicle you can enjoy the rustic cabin-in-the-woods environment. Not bad!

1. Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica

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The waters in Arenal, Costa Rica draw their heat from the geothermal volcanic activity of Arenal Volcano. Rather than paying $126 to visit the springs, you can walk across the street and down the hill, and arrive at a hidden portion of it that’s completely free. But could be better than this?

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