Look Up These 15 Most Inspiring Places

Some days, or sometimes, we all are in need of a little inspiration. Words, books, songs may every well do that but there are some places on Earth where you don’t need to say a word, or listen to one. You just stop and gaze in wonder, feeling excited and amazed at the same time. Be sure to look up these 15 inspiring places.

1. The Florence Duomo, Italy

Il Duomo di Firenzeis the main church of Florence; it has a magnificent dome, built by a master goldsmith over 16 years, starting in 1420.

2. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Hotel Kakslauttanen and its luxurious glass igloos are located at one of the world’s most vivid places to enjoy the Northern Lights. Get cozy!

3. 1 Bligh, Sydney, Australia

1 Bligh Street is home to the ‘heart of glass,’ an amazing heart-shaped atrium, which extends the entire height of the building. Pretty futuristic, right?

4. Dancing House, Prague

The Dancing House looks like something from a fairytale and stands out beautifully against the Gothic buildings that Prague is known for. It’s like bending your imagination and mind; there is no spoon!

5. The President, Sequoia National Park USA

The President is a 3200 year old sequoia that stands 247 feet tall. The trunk is 27 feet wide, and as one of the tallest trees in the world, it’s well worth the neck pain. Look how tiny that guy looks, by comparison!

6. Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai, China

Jin Mao Tower is known as the “Golden Prosperity Building” for good reason. The atrium of this extravagant skyscraper gleams with a golden tinge. Anyone else feeling excited right now?

7. Gehry II, Dusseldorf, Germany

The Gehry building was built to reinvent the port of Dusseldorf as it entered decline in the 90s. The twisted building achieved just that, resulting in an amazing center for art. Marvelous!

8. Solar Furnace, France

The temperature at the focal point of this massive furnace can reach 3,500 °C. Look into its eye, however, and you can see an amazing mirrored version of the surrounding landscape. It’s amazing what science can come up with.

9. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and at some points, over a mile deep. A trip to the bottom and a simple look up can offer an astounding and truly humbling view.

10. Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco

The Transamerica Pyramid is skyscraper at the heart of the San Francisco Financial District. Looking up is a mind-boggling, almost surreal experience. Which was your office’s window, again?

11. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The largest balloon festival in the world sees more than 750 hot air balloons assemble for nine days of festivities. Just standing there is enough to blow your mind.

12. Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is one of the most extravagant ceilings in the world. Painted by Michelangelo, The Creation of Adam is perhaps the most famous feature.

13. Times Square, NYC, USA

Times Square is the center of New York City, it’s also incredibly bright. This is one place you shouldn’t miss out on.

14. Angel Falls, Venezuela

This magnificent waterfall on the edge of the Auyantepui mountain sends water rushing down from heights of nearly 2,700 feet. Incredible!

15. San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

This is one of the most remote and amazing stargazing spots in the world. The lack of civilization means that the skies are free from the light pollution, so visitors may count the stars for the entire night.

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