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10 Intense Extraterrestrial Storms

We tend to think of other planets as cold, lifeless wastelands where nothing of note ever happens. In the past few decades, however as we’ve been able to more closely study the other members of our Solar System, we have discovered that there’s much more happening that we’ve ever imagined. We’ve found, for instance, that

10 People And Their Amazing Abilities

We all love to brag about our cool abilities and talents. Some run fast, others play the guitar, but that’s nothinc compared to these people and their skills. These are some of the people with the world’s weirdest abilities, ranging from medical marvels to baffling brain powers. These individuals live all over the world, from

10 Of The Strangest Cars You Will Ever See

Automobiles are often expressions of one’s taste and style, although most of us are limited to a budget. However, some car enthusiasts, engineers and designers take things to another level and allow their imagination to take the best of them. Take John DeLorean, for example, who was once called the Auto Prince by People Weekly.

Top 10 Expensive Super Computers

The first supercomputer, Atlas, dates back to the early ‘60s. It was installed in Manchester University, and is far less powerful than ordinary desktop computers in our homes today.Technology has taken a serious big leap since the hazy ‘60s. Every five years, in fact, the supercomputers of today become obsolete, thanks to rapidly advancing technology

Top 10 Biggest Space Exploration Budgets

Space exploration is a pretty big deal, for Sci-Fi fans and nations alike. As a result, space agencies have some priorities when it comes to a big budget. Since the first space mission and before that some nations were spending fortunes to create space programs and maintain alive the urge to explore the deep dark

10 Fascinating Natural Phenomena

It’s hard to imagine how many surprises are hidden on our planet; we’ve barely scratched the surface, although we’ve been researching and inspecting our planet for centuries. Every once in a while a new occurrence, a life form or a natural phenomenon crops up that simply leaves us astounded with its beauty, and in some

10 Beautiful And Rare Orchids

Orchids are one of the most popular and most fascinating flowers in the world. They are always present on the most expensive and rarest flowers list. This is because of their unique beauty but also because there species that are so rare that can only be seen once in hundreds of years. The orchid family

25 Stunning Minerals And Stones

If you thought diamonds could leave any woman breathless, you’ve got another thing coming. Get ready to over indulge on the world’s most beautiful minerals and stones, although I’m not sure if any of these are available for purchase; if they are, you’re gonna score big. You see, less common minerals are largely forgotten, but as this

19 Incredible Inventions

Some people come up with really amazing inventions, and I’m not talking about those technological advancements or futuristic type of equipment we usually think of; I’m talking about the small things, which change the world and the way we do things.  The following ideas are something most of us dream of, although some may not