The 10 Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

If you’re looking for a way to make cooking easier and cleaner, look no further. Here are the most practical culinary tools that will make you see cooking in whole new light. The fast-progressing technology hjas even influenced cooking gadgets, allowing you to do the job properly, and in less time. Take a look at the gadgets that along with making food preparation easier and faster, and feel free to send us a piece of your work!

10. Egg Yolk Extractor

Egg Yolk Extractor

Leaving out all the messiness, this gadget separates the yolk out of the egg with ease. It is really helpful while cooking and especially while baking. I’m making a list, and checking it twice.

9. Corn Stripper

Corn Stripper

Removing corn kernels from cobs has never been easier! Compact and convenient, the corn stripper saves you a ton of time in the kitchen. Anyone else feeling lazy today?

8. Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable Chopper

Replacing standard kitchen equipment, this device allows you to evenly and efficiently chop fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and meats without a cutting board. Why go manual when you can go automatic?

7. Zip Zester

Zip Zester

Safe, clean and efficient zest removing. Separate zest and peel vegetables and fruits without any effort. You definitely want this awesome gadget in your kitchen!

6. Sushi Made Easy

Sushi Made Easy

This kitchen tool will make you a sushi expert. Fill the gadget with your own choice of sushi ingredients and create perfectly formed sushi. I never had sushi, and this might be a good place to start.

5. Spoon Holder

Spoon Holder

Say goodbye with messy cooking with the new spoon holder! It is attachable to any cooking pot or bowl. Now, that’s truly lazy.

4. Spaghetti Measurer

Spaghetti Measurer

Having trouble finding the right amount of spaghetti for your meal? This device resolves your problem. It is designed with 4 measurement holes it gives you the exact amount of spaghetti depending on the number of people the meal is made for. I always thought more is better!

3. Finger Protector

Finger Protector

Offering safety while chopping the finger protector is the kitchen tool we all need in the kitchen. I should now, I’ve got some serious scratches over the years.

2. Tomato Slicer

Tomato Slicer

The tomato slicer represents an even quicker and safer way of chopping fruits and vegetables. It is the ultimate time-saving kitchen appliance,a lthough I must say I had a similar product and it definitely sucked.

1. Stem Hand Juicer

Stem Hand Juicer

Instead of getting your hands and utensils all messy by cutting up fruits before juicing the stem hand juicer allows you to spray juice directly from the fruit! I wonder if this works?

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