The 10 Most Luxurious Cigar Clubs

The gentleman always had a pleasure of the finest in life, but when it comes to places to enjoy a fine conversation, a premium cigar and an old-malted whiskey, these lavish cigar clubs are the ideal spots. So, when smoking was interdicted in some area, the cigar lovers built their own private areas to enjoy cigars and cigarettes.

Special features are for those who smoke cigars, a large variety in cigar brands and some of the best cocktails and drinks money can afford. These cigar clubs are some of the best in the world, so if you get the chance pay them a visit. Hese are the 10 most luxurious cigar clubs!

10. Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge, Dusseldorf, Germany

Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge, Dusseldorf, Germany

Our first and most extravagant luxury cigar club is located in Dusseldorf, Germany and it is called Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge. While it is the biggest in all the country, the cigar lounge is known to be a luxury hideaway for the cigar lovers, featuring a classy and lavish interior design. While the decor sweeps you away and the menu gives the cigar lover a chance to combine wisely a fine drink, the lounge is calm and features a chic vibe.

9. The Marque, Huston, USA

 The Marque, Huston, USA

The Marque in Huston is one of those cigar clubs where everything is about the comfort of the smoker and the services offered.While the place is the first such luxury location we want to mention here that the walls are decorated with gold leaves, you have a cigar or drink lockers and all the amenities necessary to the cigar lovers.: a poker room, night club, tequila library, boardroom and restaurant.

8. Cigar Bar at Boscolo, Prague

Cigar Bar at Boscolo, Prague

Prague seems to be e great destination for tourist and for the cigar lovers as well, striving in elegance with one of the most luxurious cigar clubs in the city.  At the Boscolo Hotel in Prague, we found the chic and intimate Cigar Bar, a display of fine tastes and unique cigars. The classy decor, the vintage cigar holders and the intimate vibe are some of the features that make you come again at this exclusive and luxurious cigar room.

7. Club Macanudo, New York City

Club Macanudo, New York City

In the heart of the City Of New You, in the Upper East Side, where everything happens, lies our number 7 luxury cigar club, Club Macanudo.With a strict dress code, this particular cigar club is open also for non smokers, who would like to try out the menu and have drinks in this exclusive venue. The decor of the place consists in comfortable sofas and leather chairs, mahogany furniture all adorned with a stylish interior design.

6. The May Fair Luxury Cigar Room, London, UK

The May Fair Luxury Cigar Room, London, UK

The Cigar Room at May Fair Hotel in London is one of the few cigar clubs who are designed to please those who like the outdoor scenery.Created from stainless steel mesh, with a luxury twist and a chic decor, the place recreates the setting for a fancy setting that is both for drinks and cigars. This Cigar room was created for those who love a fine cigar and all its adjacent accessories, making it possible to participate in monthly cigar and spirit masterclasses or just experience some drinks and chocolate infused with cigars.

5. Redmoon Lounge, Beijing

Redmoon Lounge, Beijing

From Beijing’s finest, to high rollers and fancy businessmen, the Redmoon Lounge is the perfect place for cigar lovers to experience fine taste, exquisite snacks and the most exclusive cigars.Locate in the Grand Hyatt Beijing, this cigar lounge is a perfect combination of the cigar world with the world of exotic and high-end alcoholic beverages.  The combinations between exclusive wine racks, fireplace mood and vibe, a various sushi menu and a list of world famous cigars, would definitely change your general opinion on how a luxury cigar club should look.

4. The Carnegie Club, New York City

The Carnegie Club, New York City

Taking it to another level, we present the most expensive and the most high-end cigar room in all New York, The Carnegie Club.While the place is a little bit scary so to say, with a Gothic and dark interior design, it is also considered one of the most exclusive cigar clubs in the city.  The drink menu is placed on the same standard and features some exotic drinks and cocktails while the cigar lovers can enjoy an unique decorated club by high standards and stylish features.

3. Monty Cristo’s, Dubai, UAE

Monty Cristo’s, Dubai, UAE

While most of the cigar bars and cigar rooms from this list are included with hotels, bars, or are just standing alone clubs, this cigar club from Dubai, UAE has its own hotel and golf course.Monty Cristo, Dubai isn’t your usual cigar club, due to the fact that the club as a wide range of activities installed for the guests.  The place was designed for entertaining and has pool, billiards, card games and many types of games that could be played while smoking some exclusive high-end cigars.

2. The Garden Pavilion, London, UK

The Garden Pavilion, London, UK

With a stylish premier location and a world renowned cigar collections we present the number two luxury cigar club, The Garden Pavilion London.Inside the Ritz Hotel in London lies one of the most exclusive cigar rooms in the world, a choice for the rich and famous who want to enjoy the best cigars in the United Kingdom.  While sipping a fine liqueur and smoking from the biggest variety of cigars in London, you could enjoy a lush and green garden, or the classic luxury interior featuring with opulent furnishing.

1. Grand Havana Room, New York

Grand Havana Room, New York

The first place on the list of the luxury cigar clubs for the rich is hold by the most selective cigar club in the world who has two venues opened for the elite.While the address is downtown Manhattan and the place has impressive views over the city, Grand Havana Room is not available for the wide public. The opulent interior features a classic paneling with mahogany features, blue velvet curtains and the glamorous leather armchairs you comfortably sit while you smoke a cigar.

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