The 10 Places To Photograph Europe

If you plan on visiting Europe – which you should, if you haven’t already – it’s kind of difficult to find the best places to walk around, right? So, I’ve compiled this list, featuring the 10 most photographed locations in Europe, which should be enough to get you started. Get packing!

1. Rome

Although Florence beat out Rome in a top of favorite cities, when it comes to photo uploads the Eternal City wins out. Rome and The Vatican combined have some of the most-photographed spots in all of Europe, including the iconic Trevi Fountain and St. Peter’s Basilica. But the Spanish Steps are in a league of their own.

2. Barcelona

Architecture lovers, beach bums, and foodies alike all commingle in Barcelona, so it’s no surprise that the city ranks highly in the world for photographers.Landmarks like Park Guell and the Sagrada Familia are interesting, for obvious reasons,. as well as the metro line.

3. Paris

Paris has long been considered one of the world’s most romantic cities, and many amateur and professional photographers alike have found inspiration in the City of Light. Although many beautiful, elegant structures like the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and Sacre-Coeur are all popular, the most-photographed spot is the bright, colorful Moulin Rouge.

4. Istanbul

Istanbul is where Europe and Asia meet, and that combining of cultures has always made the city a fascinating place. Nearly all of its most photographed places are religious sites, which makes sense considering its many beautiful houses of worship, including the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, and the Chora Church.

5. Venice

The City of Canals has a precarious feel to it, since you never know if it might disappear further into the sea. Visitors take as many pictures as they can before it’s too late, with many of the most popular destinations being bridges, with the Ponte dell’Academia coming in at no. 1.

6. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is synonymous with luxury, full of casinos, racetracks, boutiques, and other playgrounds for the rich. I think there are enough reasons to photograph this location; the opulent Hotel de Paris has been all over pop culture, from appearances in two James Bond movies to being rendered in animated form in Madagascar 3. I doubt I can afford it, though.

7. Florence

Florence is one of the most popular cities in the world, and its classic glamour also makes it beloved by photographers. The good news for visitors is that many of the most-photographed places are quite close to each other, including Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi, and the Piazza della Repubblica.

8. London

More than 16 million people visited London in 2013, making it the world’s most visited city. The British capital is wildly popular with photographers; with the Tate Modern , Abbey Road the Royal Albert Hall being part of the scenery.

9. Budapest

Budapest is, always-changing city and remains a favorite with travelers. And while popular tourist sites like St. Stephen’s Basilica and Gresham Palace are on the most-popular list, so is an equally beloved but lesser-visited attraction: the Szechenyi thermal baths.

10. Prague

Prague is full of scenic views and striking buildings, and its relative inexpensiveness compared to other European capitals makes it hugely popular with backpackers and pensioners alike. The city gets high marks for attractions like the Gunpowder Tower, the Charles Bridge, Prague Tower, and the Astronomical Clock.

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