12 Best Waterparks in The World

It may be cold, it may be rainy, but I’m still in the mood for crazy. And for those of you who agree and have the same taste and ways of spending free time, like experiencing extreme heights, speed, and excitement all around, I’ve compiled this unique list of interesting waterparks around the world that might just get you going. So if you’re an adrenaline-junkie on the lookout for the next big challenge, check out these 12 places worth the trip.

12. Tropical Island Resort, Germany

Tropical Island Resort, Germany

Inside an old airship hangar, the Germans built an entire tropical resort. Big enough to hold the Eiffel Tower lengthwise, this place will keep it a constant 78.8F and it’s the largest free-standing hall in the world. It also features the largest indoor beach, a water park, and high-speed turbo slides that will get you traveling at over 40 mph.

11. Beach Park Water Park, Brazil

Beach Park Water Park, Brazil

The Insano water slide, in Brazil, was the tallest water slide in the world. It stands at 14 stories high and offers its visitors speeds of 65 miles an hour. The almost vertical drops will get anyone scared, especially since these are open slides.

10. Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

Sunway is home to Vuvuzela, the world’s largest water ride. Visitors get to drop from eleven stories up and plummet through twisting, watery darkness before getting shot out into daylight towards the biggest funnel on the planet. The Sunway Lagoon also features the world’s largest man-made surf beach, as well as a selection of Africa themed water rides. Thrilling!

9. Wet’n Wild, North Carolina

Wet’n Wild, North Carolina

Wet’n’Wild Emerald Pointe has it all: enclosed water slides, Twin Sisters with over 350 feet of tubular darkness, 360 degree loop slides, but the scariest of them all is probably the Cyclone Zone. This particular ride simulates the horror of being caught up in a tropical cyclone; you get to drop 40 feet and get catapulted through darkness. Does this sound like fun to you?

8. Area 47, Austria

Area 47, Austria

The Cannonball Water Catapault wasn’t built for scary kids. You see, this is a ride where you stand around, minding your own business, waiting for a tsunami to come along and catapult you 30 feet into the air. There’s also the Kamikaze slide, which you get to ride just once. Now I’m intrigued!

7. Adaland, Turkey

Adaland, Turkey

The Adaland resort in Turkey comes with a Dolphinpark and Seapark, but what’s of interest is Aquapark. Here, visitors may enjoy every kind of water terror they can think of: free-fall drops, floors that give way beneath you, 360 degree loops as well as being shot from a tunnel. I’ll do anything, once!

6. Aquaventure Water Park, Bahamas

Aquaventure Water Park, Bahamas

The Mayan Temples of Central America are an interesting way of spencding time and learning more about civilization, but how about not sleepwalking and going down to experience the Mayan Temple’s serpent slide? It will get you into a shark-filled lagoon, or drop you fifty feet through total darkness and waterfalls into a prehistoric underground lair. Jaws has got nothing on this!

5. Blizzard Beach, Florida

Blizzard Beach, Florida

Blizzard Beach is supposedly a ski resort that didn’t work out. I could not care less, actually, but I do care about a waterpark with enough rides that would keep me busy the entire day. From the top of Mount Gushmore you get to experience rides like the Summit Plummet, a straight drop on one of the fastest freefall body slides in the world. Keep your pants on!

4. Caneva Aquapark, Italy

Caneva Aquapark, Italy

The Caneva Aquapark is part of Canevaworld, which includes Movieland Park, Night Festival disco, and Medieval Times. At Aquapark you may enjoy 15 attractions, including Black Hole 2, its wet tube slides and all the water in the world. I’m already excited!

3. Wet’n’Wild, Sydney, Australia

Wet’n’Wild, Sydney, Australia

Wet’n’Wild Sydneyincludes 40 different attractions, including some of the tallest and quickest water rides in the world. So, there’s plenty to choose from; when you’re tired, you want to try the world’s tallest double Sky Coaster: 75 meters up, you pull a rip cord and freefall head first toward the ground. R&R, right?

2. Watercube Waterpark, China

Watercube Waterpark, China

A couple slides down the drain at the Happy Water Park constructed within Beijing’s Olympic Water Cube.

The Watercube features the Bulletbowl; this is where two riders shoot down an enclosed tube before they’re shot into one of the tightest turn in water rides. Sure, you could go with the Pipeline and its 180 degree banked turns and 360 curves,; whatever your choice, you should remember that the Water Cube was built for the 2008 Beijing Olympic. It is also a venue for sports events, performances, games and recreation.

1. Wildwater Kingdom, Pennsylvania

Wildwater Kingdom, Pennsylvania

Wildwater is part of Dorney Park, where visitors may experience over 30 water rides: Dinosaurs Alive, Planet Snoopy, and live entertainment. The Snake Pit is a new attraction, a complex of six of the slickest water-rides on the planet which includes free-fall body slides, sheer drops, banks and 360 degree loops. Anyone up for some fun?

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