The 5 Most Expensive Gaming Computers You Will Ever See

I’m sure many of you are gaming freaks, although few of you admit to that. However, most of us have problems in spending eye-watering amounts of cash on big-ticket items. Gaming is a hobby, passion, obsession and possibly profitable activity. I’m not sure how one  goes about earning a living form gaming, but I’d love to try; in  the mean time, let’s see what the pros drive, shall we? Here are 5 of the most expensive gaming computers you will ever see.

5. Yoyotech’s $13,000 gaming PC | Expensive Gaming Computer


The custom XDNA Aurum 24K is a gaming PC that sells for 7979 GBP. It will handle any and all 3D games on the market with perfect 4k resolution. With a total core count of 12, its chip is 50% more powerful than the Xbox One. It also includes two titan graphics and will run Battlefield 4 at a minimum of 26 frames per second in 4k. Game on!

4. Maxishine’s 30,000 PC gaming room | gaming pc

expensive gaming computer - maxishine

In 2012, a YouTube user by the name of maxishine impressed everyone with his super expensive gaming room. It featured a wall to wall desk filled with multiple computers and monitors, as well as a racing simulator set up with three monitors for that immersive driving simulation. The core of the set up included a massive synology network attached storage device with 10 three terabyte hard drives inside, thes main monitor was an LG 42 inch TV and let’s not forget the full water cooled sr-2 dual xeon 6 core cpu. Awesome!

3. $191,000 Cruden Hexatech racing simulator | gaming computers

cruden hexatech gaming computer

Obviously, this immersive racing simulator costs as much as some supercars on the market today. The high end machine can replicate Formula One and NASCAR racing experiences, without any of the danger. The system features a hydraulic tripod chassis setup, meant to recreate the feeling of how g-force would affect you if you were actually turning a corner in a real high-end race car. And you may actually customize it to your car of choice.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog super fan creates $500,000 classic game room


Video game fanatic Barry Evans had a lot of work building a retro video games collection in his barn. It is worth a staggering $500,000, due to the fact that his personal arcade is filled with numerous vintage video game arcade cabinets, hundreds of video game consoles, and ten of thousands of piece of gaming memorabilia. You could get lost really fast down there.

1. $750,000 diamond encrusted Zeus Jupiter PC| Most Expensive Gaming Computer

zeus jupiter pc - gaming computer

The Jupiter is manufactured by Japanese computer manufacturer Zeus. It features a solid platinum case, decked out with diamonds – supposedly in an effort to recreate the look of an astrological constellation. However, this computer isn’t super powerful; it features an Intel 3GHz E6850 Core 2 Duo CPU and 2gb of DDR2 memory, with a 1 terabyte hard drive. You may also choose the Zeus gold version, which is a mere half million dollars. No, thank you!

updated: october 2015 | Most Expensive Gaming Computers 

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