The Best 8 PS4 Headsets Around

Sony has always had a soft spot for third-party developers, and the Playstation 4 proves it. There’s plenty to choose from if you’re looking for PS4 headsets, controllers, and even accessories to get your K/D ratio up to respectable levels. However, this usuaslly means that it can prove difficult to find the right ones.

So, PS4 fans rejoice! We’ve only found those that are true gaming headsets, equipped with a mic and everything you need to go competitive. Check out the 8 best PS4 headsets.

8. TRITTON Kaiken Mono

TRITTON Kaiken Mono PS4 Headsets

The single 40 mm speaker has an airy, open-backed design that allows outside sounds to come through. In-line audio controls allows users to adjust your volume on the fly with just a flick of your finger. It works on either ear and while the mic could be a little further out and offer more flexibility, it handles most voice chat well without throwing in outside noise.

7. Skullcandy SLYR

Skullcandy SLYR PS4 Headsets

These SLYR’s are a little longer in the tooth, makeing them handy for going back to your 360 or PS3 when you feel like getting classic with your clan with a little Resistance: Fall of Man. An EQ lets you change your bass and treble for a better mix depending on your gaming environment. A quick flip stashes away the mic in case you want to use these with your mobile device.

6. Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 400 / 500P

Turtle Beach has again proven why they are the aftermarket gaming headset manufacturer of note. The Stealth 400 is at the top of the leaderboards, as it only uses stereo sound, so if true 7.1 surround is necessary – or you just need leather earcups – drop the extra money and go with a Stealth 500P. Control is handled via the earcups and is tactically tactile so you’ll never fumble in the heat of battle.

5. PDP Afterglow Kral

Plush polyurethane earpads make wearing the Kral comfortable while the adjustable size fits even the largest cranium. A removable and highly sensitive mic makes barking orders to your lazy squadmates easy. The wireless transmitter gives you a lot of range and managed to hold on up to 100 feet, though we can’t recommend playing at that distance.

4. PlayStation Gold Wireless

With this Playstation 4 headset, it’s true plug-and-play. The 7.1 surround is good, though it is virtual so don’t expect really deep immersion. For chatting, the mic is hidden in the actual cans themselves, along with the controls for a more streamlined look that still does everything you need.

3. HyperX Cloud II Pro

The new Cloud II Pro fit like a glove from the word go thanks to the 100% memory foam cups and generous padding on the headband. The virtual 7.1 surround sound captures nuances that you didn’t know you were missing due to the wide 15-25,000Hz frequency response that digs deeper into the lows and aims higher for the highs. Chat is clear as a bell on both ends.

2. Astro A40 and MixAmp Pro

For anyone looking to get more than just a headset for their Playstation 4 the A40 with MixAmp is there. The in-line amplifier gives you EQ control for more bass or treble depending on your needs, as well as a fuller sound mix that never drops input nor drowns out game sounds with teammate chatter.

1. Astro A50 Wireless

These are spectacular from an audio perspective, especially for a wireless headset. The sound range is crisp and clean with nary a footstep, explosion, or distant gunshot missed. Even at several feet, there’s no noticeable lag, even during rapid fire chatting as a firefight turns into a full-blown slaughter. Comfortable padding around the earcups is light, allows some ventilation, and feels good.

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