8 Of The Weirdest Things Laying On The Bottom Of The Ocean

I feel a bit lost, and scared, to think that we’ve only explored less than 5% of underwater worlds on our home planet – but we want to travel to others. So, to hear about sunken treasures, capsized boats, whole cities from centuries ago and even creatures we never knew existed isn’t really a surprise to me.

So, how about finding out about the 8 most weirdest things lying on the ocean floor? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

8. The First Computer Ever – The Antikythera Mechanism, Greece

The First Computer Ever - The Antikythera Mechanism, Greece

The Antikythera Mechanism was discovered by sponge divers in 1900, on a shipwreck in Greece. This might be one of the strangest and most amazing things ever to be recovered from the bottom of the sea; forget treasure and such. Just think that this was supposedly built in 2nd-century BC and was able to chart the movements of planets and the passing of years. Incredible!

7. Alien Aircraft, The Baltic Sea

Alien Aircraft, The Baltic Sea

In 2012, Swedish-based diving group Ocean X Team discovered a cylinder-shaped object while exploring the Baltic Sea. Its origins and functions are unknown, but it may well be of alien origins, a UFO or a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft. I mean, the object resembles the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. What more proof to you want?

6. Cleopatra’s Alexandria

Cleopatra’s Alexandria

Lost for 1,600 years, Alexandria was discovered in 1998. Its importance is obvious, as a proposed museum of Cleopatra’s city is in the works, making it the world’s first under-water museum. The United Nations insists that the underwater city remain in place to preserve its spot in history, since it is surprisingly in almost perfect condition.

5. Sea of Galilee: Mysterious Circular Stone Structure

Sea of Galilee: Mysterious Circular Stone Structure

In 2003, scientists discovered a very large circular stone structure in the Sea of Galilee, Israel. Although its purpose still remains a mystery, the structure is made up of basalt rocks, and is twice the size of Stonehenge, weighing nearly 60,000 tons. Its use and its date formed are unknown, as well as the reason why it was lying underwater. Any ideas?

4. Lost Ancient Egyptian City of Heracleion

Lost Ancient Egyptian City of Heracleion

Heracleion, also known as the city of Thonis, vanished beneath the Mediterranean, around 1,200 years ago. It was discovered almost in its entirety during the last decade, submerged under 150 feet of water. Gold coins, 16 foot statues, as well as the remains of more than 64 ships have been discovered intact and preserved. By the way, scientists and archaeologists still do not know what caused the city to fall into the water. Strange, right?

3. 10,000 Emeralds In 70 Feet Of Water

10,000 Emeralds In 70 Feet Of Water

Amateur diver and treasure seeker, Jay Miscovich dove in the Gulf off Florida, in 2010, and found emeralds worth millions. But enough with the good news, as Miscovich’s emeralds got him tied up in court after news broke and the feds entered the scene; long story short: the  guy couldn’t sell even a single carat. No one’s really sure where they came from, and since the theoretically rich man killed himself, everything has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

2. Bay Of Cambay, India – Sunken City

Bay Of Cambay, India – Sunken City

In 2002, archaeological remains of a lost city were found 120 feet under water in the Gulf of Cambay, off the coast of India. Supposed to be 9,500 years old, the sunken city is one of the strangest things recovered because the architectural and human remains that were found, which are still intact. There’s a lot about our history we still have to find out.

1. Spiders


Spiders are creepy. But even more scary is that spiders can live under water? These spiders breathe air but make their home under the waves, across Europe and northern Asia. Called Diving Bell spiders, they work on sub-aqua webs and fill them with air in order to exist underwater. So, diving is out!

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