Top 10 Biggest Foods Ever

Who doesn’t love food? I’m feeling hungry right now, and it’s about more than pleasure and taste; it’s obviously necessary to our existence. But in today’s society food has far surpassed its original intention of sustenance. From turning food into an art form to tweeting your breakfast; it has all gone a bit strange, don’t you think?

Restaurants, take-out venues, food trucks, canteens, vending machines are everywhere you turn, and the variety of foods that we are now exposed to has grown exponentially. There’s way more to choose from than your usual, local food; so, when someone makes a food we all enjoy and love in an extreme size, it’s only natural to be fascinated and extremely hungry. Size does matter, regardless of what people might say; as proof stand these 10 biggest foods ever!

10. Biggest Ice-cream Scoop

Biggest Ice-cream Scoop

Kemps Diary set the record for the world’s biggest ice cream scoop in Wisconsin (USA) at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival last year. A whopping 733 containers worth of strawberry ice cream (equal to the length of a football field) were carved into a gigantic scoop, and weighed 1365 kgs (3,010lbs).

9. World Largest Peanut Butter Cup

World Largest Peanut Butter Cup

Vermont (USA) candy shop owner Nick Monte took on the delicious task of making the world’s largest peanut butter cup in 2013. Combining more than 229 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter, Nick managed to create the incredibly large confection. The peanut butter cup came to a humongous 1.5m (59 1/2in) in width, containing 32kg (70lbs) of chocolate and a massive 72kgs (159lbs) pounds of peanut butter.

8. Largest Waffle

Largest Waffle

What better to have for breakfast than waffles? The largest waffle in the world weighs in at staggering 50kg (110 lb 3.68 oz) and was created by Stichting Gouda Oogst in the Netherlands in 2013. The waffle had a diameter of 2.47m (8ft 1.24in) and required 60kg (132lbs) of dough, as well as taking 15kg (33 lb) of syrup.

7. Largest Chocolate Coin

Largest Chocolate Coin

The world’s biggest chocolate coin weighs a massive 658kg (1,450lbs 64oz)!  With the average Cadbury chocolate bar weighing in at just under 42g ,  the delectable coin was presented at the Ciocco Show Exhibition during an event organized by the BF Servizi SRL in Bologna, Italy, as a celebration of the  Guinness World Records Day back in 2012.

6. Largest Hotdog Commercially Available

Largest Hotdog Commercially Available

Picture an average hotdog and multiply it by 40. That’s what Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats CEO and ‘Big Hot Dog’ inventor Dan Abbate came up with back in March 2011, creating the Largest Hotdog commercially available in the world, as recognized by the Guinness World Records. The Big Hot Dog weighs in at whopping 3.18kg (7lbs) and measures a crazy 40.64cm (16in) long and 10.16cm (4in) in diameter.

5. World’s Largest Round Pizza

World’s Largest Round Pizza

Fittingly the title for the world’s largest round pizza was reclaimed by the Italians in 2012. The margherita 100% gluten-free pizza, measured in at 40m (131ft) in diameter and used a mammoth 9,000kg (19,841lbs) of flour. If that sounds like a whole lot of flour, then have a look at the quantities of the other ingredients. 4536kgs (10,000lbs) of tomato sauce, 3992kgs (8,800lbs) of mozzarella cheese, 675kgs (1,488lbs) of margarine, 250kgs (551lbs) of rock salt, 100kgs (220lbs) of lettuce and 25kgs (55lbs) of vinegar.

4. Largest Samosa

Largest Samosa

The largest vegetable samosa ever made comes in at a delectable 110.8kg (244lbs 4oz) and was created by Bradford College in partnership with award winning restaurant Prashad, in the United Kingdom back in 2012. The samosa measured in at 135cm long (53in), 85cm wide (33in) and 29cm high (11in).

3. Longest Sandwich

Longest Sandwich

In 2011, 3 teams consisting of 136 people prepared and cooked the world’s largest sandwich with the help of 639 participants who helped fill it. The delicious creation, created in Lebanon, weighed in at a whopping 557kg (1227lbs) and measured 735m (2,411ft) long. Taking almost a whole day to make, the sandwich required four custom made movable ovens to be created in order to bake one long continuous piece of bread.

2. Largest Bowl of Porridge

Largest Bowl of Porridge

In 2012, Flahavan’s and Waterford Harvest Festival in Ireland cooked up the largest bowl of porridge weighing in at 1,380kg (3,042lbs 6oz). The enormous bowl of Flahavan’s porridge oats was cooked to perfection, smashing the previous record set by the Russians of 865kg (1907lbs). In total, 150kg (330lbs) of oats were mixed with 1.21t (2668lbs) of water and 30 liters (8 gallons) of milk.

1. Tallest Drinking Glass Fountain

Tallest Drinking Glass Fountain

Back in 2008, Luuk Broos and his team created a champagne fountain containing 43,680 glasses, creating 63 storeys of glass. The tower was constructed in the Shopping Center Wijnegem, Belgium. No one blink!

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