Top 10 Biggest Space Exploration Budgets

Space exploration is a pretty big deal, for Sci-Fi fans and nations alike. As a result, space agencies have some priorities when it comes to a big budget. Since the first space mission and before that some nations were spending fortunes to create space programs and maintain alive the urge to explore the deep dark space.

But don’t just think that the US and Russia alone are thinking about space travel, and such. Some other nations have been investing in the space division and elaborately funded their space agencies. So, let’s go down the list of top 10 biggest budgets allocated to space exploration.

10. UK And The UKSA Agency

The United Kingdom Space Agency is an agency founded in 2010 who became responsible for the space programs that the British National Space Center earlier managed. With a budget that easily exceed 400 million dollars, the agency gives the Britons the change to compete with some of the biggest space promoters of the world.

9. Canada And CSA

The nations space agency Canadian Space Agency was founded in 1989 and has headquarters in Quebec. With a fund rising up to almost $500 million dollars the Canadians have worked extensively in the latest period with NASA and ESA for some future satellite launches. They have contributed also to the robotic arm technology used in space on the International Space Station.

8. India And ISRO

While ISRA is the first Asian nation to research the orbit of Mars, the nation has a larger program to explore space from different angles, creating numerous satellites for different purposes. When it comes to human space flight it was reported that the Indian Space Research Organization has proposed a huge budget, almost $2 billion dollars to start a program where a man shuttle will go into space.

7. China and CNSA

Number 7 on the list and a major player in the space domain is China and China National Space Administration, the Chinese space agency that was founded in 1993.In collaboration with China Aerospace Corporation the agency is the one of the few to send manned missions to space and also space stations. Creating the background for a bigger, better project, the Chinese have a pretty big budget for space exploration $1,78 billion, but with a future plan that wants to propel the nations in the first three contenders.

6. Italy and ASI

“Agenzia Spaziale Italiana” or ASI is the most prolific partner NASA and the US had in the past 50 years. Located in Rome the Agency has an impressive budget, the $1,8 million being funds well landed in the research of space technology, which surprisingly has made the Italians famous for numerous contribution to the technology used by the International Space Station, by ESA or NASA.

5. Germany and DLR

Abbreviated DLR the German Aerospace Center is a major contributor to space technology and exploration.With more than 7400 employees and a personal fund of 670 million dollars the space agency made the top most highly funded nations for space explorations. From this point of view, the actual budget for Germany’s space agency was posted a couple of years ago and was $2 billion, to be exact.

4. Japan and JAXA

JAXA, a merger between three different space agencies, is a Japans national space agency, a formation realized to explore more than technology, but also launching, testing and explorations, manned or unmanned in space.With a big budget by its side, consisting of $2,46 billion the Japanese agency is involved in a large number of actions, like satellite launching, probe launching, asteroid exploration and many more.

3. France And CNES

With the most recent budget posted in 2012, consisting in 2,5 billion dollars the French have a pretty important role in the space business.With contributions at the International Space Station and fierce programs in collaboration with the European Space Agency, the French are researching and developing orbital telescopes and a future planetary observation system called E-CORCE.

2. Russia and ROSCOSMOS

Going to the number two spot and very intense space agency on the map of space explorations, we present Russia and Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency that has a very ambitious plan for the next 5 years.With a 5,6 billion dollar budget announced in 2013 and another 50 billion dollars ready to be merged into the space program until 2020, Roscosmos is a pioneer in the space industry with a plan to build an operational base on the moon with the purpose to launch future Mars missions from there.

1. United States And NASA

With an annual budget that is triple than the nation at number two, the United States and NASA lead the list of nations who have the biggest space exploration funds.With so many leading technologies and one of the biggest contributions to mankind and space exploration, NASA is currently having a decrease in funds, from $20 billion in 2010 to $17,64 billion in 2014 and $18 billion in 2015. The world leader in space exploration has a longer list of space missions that are currently in progress the most important being the ones observing and probing Mars.

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