Top 10 Crazy Coffee Shops

How many crazy coffee shops interiors have you seen? I’m not sure, but I think you should definitely try out as many of them as possible. And you’d better start off with the ones on this list, as these are some of the most awesome coffee shops in town. I mean, there’s nothing like a cup of coffee savored withing the perfect coffee shop, right?

That cup of coffee will be something special, once you enter these particular locations. Doesn’t matter that much with whom you’ll be drinking the coffee, what matters is where you’ll be having it. If you like a place you’d probably return there, isn’t that right? Let’s take a look at the list and see what makes them so special!

10. Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar

If you’re into rustic elements, you’ll not leave this coffee shop. The industrial feel is pretty obvious, resulting in a unique place to enjoy your favorite cup of Joe. The coffee shop used wood shutters and old doors to cover the walls, floors, ceilings and the bar.

9. Origo Coffee Shop

Origo Coffee Shop

Located in Bucharest, Romania, this place was designed by Lama Architecture and completed in 2013. The renovations of this place took its time to make it perfect, but it was worth it. The old wooden beams were painted and incorporated into the new refreshing design. The black chalkboard makes everything bend nicely.

8. Vue de Monde Café

Vue de Monde Café

Another crazy design for the coffee shops comes from the Vue de Monde. The coffee shop uses LED art on the walls to impress you, with charcoal shades and a sophisticated yet fun aspect. Joseph Kosuth had an amazing idea when he designed the place.

7. Bon Café Restaurant

Bon Café Restaurant

Another coffee shop from Bucharest, Romania. Created by the architect Cristian Corvin, the Bon Restaurant looks amazing. It seems like he had the best ideas when incorporated 200 doors, windows and window shutters into the décor. The rustic interior is due to the doors used to cover the walls and ceiling of the restaurant.

6. Fish Shack Café

Fish Shack Café

The classic restaurant where you usually go to have some fish is a thing of the past. You need to replace that with this Fish Shack Café restaurant. The casual seafood restaurant was decorated with wood pallets and blackboard walls. The bar was also decorated with rope making the place look like a ship.

5. Meltino Bar & Lounge

Meltino Bar & Lounge

If you are on Braga, Portugal you have to come by this place and have a coffee at least once. Designed by LOFF, the interior of the place features geometric shapes. The shapes make everything look modern and welcoming. Which is a plus for everyone, right? The walls and the ceiling are perforated, making the design be a coffee-inspired one.

4. Slowpoke Café

Slowpoke Café

Slowpoke Café, one of the coffee shops with the craziest designs is  located in Melbourne. The recycled timber used to cover the walls makes this place unique; the project and design was the idea of a French designer named Sasufi. The tabletops were made from recycled floorboards, while the 12 meter long walls were created from timber offcuts entirely collected from local furniture makers and recycled.

3. Brother Baba Budan

Brother Baba Budan

Another coffee shop from Melbourne, Australia. We bet you haven’t seen anything like this before, as actual chairs are hanging on the ceiling. The chairs were especially made to draw your attention and to make the place look higher. It was just a trick to make you believe that which they seem to have pulled with success.

2. Starbucks Amsterdam

Starbucks Amsterdam

The Starbucks coffee shops are always unique, no question about that. Coming to you from Amsterdam, The Bank was built using local design touches and sustainable materials. But the most important feature is found on the ceiling where 1,876 pieces of individually-cut blocks are hanged.

1. Don Café House

Don Café House

The number one crazy interior design comes from Don Café House, which is located in Pristina, Kosovo. The awesome design was imagined by Innarch and features a very interesting concept. The curbed wood on the walls is the secret to success. It’s the thing that makes this coffee shop special and different from others. The wood creates an optical illusion making you think that you are inside a huge coffee sack. You like?

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