Top 10 Expensive Extreme Sports

If extreme sports is your game, how about learning more about the world’s most expensive extreme sports? If you thought that a long water slide is something extreme, try jumping off Empire State Building with a wingsuit or base jumping off high peaks.

These activities are not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure; and you’re gonna need one hell of a budget to try them all out. But how much are YOU willing to pay and where you draw the line ? Let’s find out!

10. Bungee Jumping – Price: $150-$420 Per Jump

You know what bungee jumping is and probably you want to try it at least once in your life time. This extreme sport involves jumping off tall buildings, bridges etc. You’re attached to a long, elastic cord and the best part is that you don’t need any special equipment.

9. Heli Skiing – Price: $800-$1.200 Per Ride

Opposed to ski lift, the heli skiing is off-trail skiing, accessed by a helicopter.This truly is one extreme sport. Not only that the skiing can be dangerous, but also the helicopter ride. Wheater conditions are always uncertain. The ‘rules’ are quite simple. You take the helicopter right above the, preferably the highest, mountain coast, jump right out and do your thing.

8. River Rafting – Price: $200 a full day and $1.400 For Equipment

Also known as white water rafting, this challenging sport is not as simple as it seems. You thought you have an inflatable raft and just go navigate a river? Yes, that’s exactly what you have to do. The unexpected waterfalls and countless whirlpools is the hardest part.

7. Base Jumping – Price: $1.700-$2.000 For Equipment

First of all, let’s get one thing straight! Base jumping is not the same with skydiving. Base jumping it’s not only dangerous, but also illegal in some parts of the world. Then what is this sport? ‘Base’ stands for any rock cliff that is over 2.000 feet tall, used as platform by the jumpers. All you need is a special parachute.

6. Rock Climbing – Price: $600–$2.000 For Traveling Costs and Equipment

One of the oldest and one of the world’s highest priced extreme sports is rock climbing. Some people conquer the cliffs with no equipment. That’s what we like to call extreme. Or is it just crazy? If you choose rock climbing, you’ll need special climbing shoes, climbing rope, a helmet, a harness, quickdraws and a chalk bag.

5. Skydiving – Price: $5.000 For Equipment and $200-$400 Per Jump

How many of you wanted to jump off an airplane and just … fly? Now, this thing is possible. Also known as parachuting, skydiving can make your childhood dream come true. Flying! A complete skydiving equipment starts at $5.000 and includes the helmet, the main canopy, the container, reserve canopy, a safety gear and altimeter.

4. Wingsuit Flying – Price: $1.500 For Suit and $2.000-$5.000 For Parachute

The wingsuit is equipped with fabric between the tights, the arms and between the legs, imitating a bird. All you need is this suit, and a parachute, deploying it close to the ground. A wingsuit like that costs $1.500 or more. Plus you’ll need another $2.000 to $5.000 for the parachute.

3. Skysurfing – Price: $6.300 For Equipment and $200-$400 Per Jump

Skysurfing is a variation of skydiving, only you have a sort of snowboard attached to your feet, allowing you to perform lots of stunts before opening the parachute. And it’s easier than snowboarding. The skyboards for beginners cost $400 and can end up to $1.300.

2. Underwater Cave Scuba Diving – Price: $9.000 For Basic Equipment

Cave diving ranks #2 on our top 10 list of the most valuable extreme sports and is considered to be the most dangerous type of diving and a few people practice it. This sport requires serious skills. Besides travel costs and boat ride fees, the basic gear costs a whopping $9.000. An even with that gear, you might face hypothermia or other injuries.

1. High-Altitude Mountain Climbing – Price: $100.000-$120.000

The Everest has been conquered, but there are many other peaks that await. You’ll need a special equipment priced between $8.000 and $15.000, but I’ll have to handle various other costs as well. Sure, the views are spectacular, but would you do it?

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