Top 10 Extreme Moments

Life on the edge is simply a passion that adrenaline junkies can’t live without. I’m not saying I agree with their choice, but I guess if there’s one way to go, going while having a huge smile on your face seems like something I can’t really judjge upon. It’s like a drug – if they don’t get their adrenalin shot from time to time, their life is simply not worth living.

SO, aside from the judgmeent we usually throw in their direction, we must admit we’re a bit jealous of these guys. Just look at the gallery below and tell me you don’t feel the excitement! The question is: would you try something like this at least once in your life? Take a closer look!

10. Extreme Walking

Extreme Walking

Philippe Petit – Twin Towers Walk in 1974

9. Climbing Up The Himalayas

Climbing Up The Himalayas

8. Extreme Biking

Extreme Biking

7. Extreme Skiing

Extreme Skiing

6. Jump In

Jump In

5. Kayaking In Nepal

Kayaking In Nepal

4. Passing The Bridge

Passing The Bridge

3. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

2. Scuba Diving, Maldives

Scuba Diving, Maldives

1. Skydiving


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