Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in 2015

Ever wondered what are the best paid jobs in the United States in 2015? The following list takes into account the median income for each particular job and will give you a general idea of how valued different professionals are.

10. Pharmacist – $116,500


Most people probably think of pharmacists like just the people who read their prescriptions and sell them their medicine – something which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Pharmacists are actually highly trained professionals with a great of responsibility. Think of it this way: do you like/understand chemistry? Neither do most doctors! Which is what earns pharmacists a place on this list.

9. Physicist – $117,040


You know how you used to ask yourself as a kid, “why do I need to learn all this math?” One answer could be, to become a physicist and potentially earn a lot of money. Physicists can find work in aerospace, biotech, or the energy industry, and they’re trained to solve problems, which you might recognize as something most businesses need.

8. Postsecondary Law Teacher – $122,280

Postsecondary Law Teacher

A career in law is often a lucrative prospect, but you can earn a remarkably high wage even without becoming a judge or an attorney. Whether they’re only involved in teaching or do a combination of teaching and research (yes, there’s also a lot of research done in the area of law), postsecondary teachers can expect to receive in excess of $120,000 per year. After all, they’re training student who will go into a highly competitive, but also very financially rewarding field.

7. Airline Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers – $118,650 and $129,600

Air Traffic Control

It’s no surprise why airline pilots and air traffic controllers get paid so lavishly, given the great responsibility they are entrusted with, and the amount of stress accompanying it. You really want these people to be happy and well motivated!

And it’s air traffic controllers who earn more of the two ($129,600 to $118,650), because while pilots have to worry about just one aircraft – their own –, air traffic controllers have an entire fleet of airplanes under their supervision.

6. Lawyer – $131,990


People resort to lawyers when their life or property is on the line, which often means they’re willing to spend big to get the desired result. In criminal law cases, this could mean staying out of jail, while in commercial or tax law it could mean getting or keeping millions of dollars. No surprises here, as lawyers are notoriously well paid, simply because what they do is really important to their clients –people or even corporations that often times have a lot of money to burn.

5. Manager – $136,540


Anybody can be a little cog in a machine, but not everybody is capable of supervising others and making sure everything runs smoothly. That’s why good, responsible managers who can do their job and motivate others to do it just as well are hard to find. And that’s why they’re compensated so well, too – figures vary for different industries, but the median income in some fields can be as high as $135,000.

4. Petroleum Engineer – $149,180

Petroleum Engineer

Quick, what’s the most profitable industry today? If you thought IT, you’re wrong – it’s actually (still) the oil industry. And why not, all you have to do is drill a hole in the ground and money just comes flowing to the surface. Except, that’s not exactly how things work – so the people who actually make sure all that valuable oil is extracted efficiently, the petroleum engineers, make a lot of money keeping things running smoothly.

3. Nurse Anesthetist – $157,690

Nurse Anesthetist

If you choose to become a nurse instead of a doctor, the highest paying qualification you can aspire to is that of nurse anesthetists. In addition to being a licensed registered nurse, one has to also complete a few years worth of specialized training, before getting to work in this particular field.

Anesthesiology is probably one of the most difficult and stressful areas of medicine, since often times you’re basically shutting down a person’s central nervous system. The responsibility is huge, and so is the pay off.

2. CEO – $178,400


If you though good managers were hard to find, good chief executives (sometimes referred to as CEOs, short for Chief Executive Officers) are even scarcer. A CEO is usually in charge of a big company, so he or she can also be something of a public figure. This, in addition to having to take care of typical management responsibilities, as well as making strategic decisions, explain why CEOs are so high up on this list.

1. Dentist, Physician, Surgeon, Anesthesiologist – $170,000, $212,570, $233,150, $235,070


If we were trying to create a perfect world and we wanted to compensate people according to how much they are worth to society, we’d probably have the professionals who make sure we stay healthy and put us back together when we’re not near the top of the list. So we have that going for us, since physicians, surgeons, and dentists (come on, dentists are important too) earn the most out of all the other professions.

This is great because, honestly, we’d rather know our surgeon was worried about whether to get another Ferrari or a Porsche, and not what to do in order to make the next mortgage payment.

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