Top 10 Men’s Watches Under $500

The world is overrun with clocks. They’re on our phones, our tablets, our computers, our magic boxes that cook, and in our cars. You have to go out of your way to not know what time it is. So why would you want yet another timepiece? Two words: Sty-Le. You don’t technically need a watch on your wrist to know the hour, but for a slick, professional look that also adds a few new accessories to your arm, nothing tops a nice watch. For all you gentlemen of the analog, we’ve found the 30 best watches under $500.

10. Triwa Havana Nevil Brown

Triwa Havana Nevil Brown

Vintage watches are stylish and trendy, these days. This incredible retro timepiece, the Havana Nevil Brown, features two sunken chronographs depicting minutes and 24-hour time for quick glance reading. The case is acetate, which makes the big, 43mm face slightly lighter but not as durable as steel.

9. Uniform Wares M37

Uniform Wares M37

If you love everything nice and tidy, then you need to get rid of pesky things like numbers when it comes to your watch. Only 37 mm in sapphire glass covered face size, this is small and completely uncluttered. Oddly enough, the rudimentary appearance makes it stand out from the crowd.

8. Hamilton Khaki Field

Hamilton Khaki Field

The Khaki Field is a streamlined chronometer for the fellow who knows that batteries fail. Fatigue green from the band to the face with broad numerals for easy reading and bright, contrasting, tapered hands beneath sapphire glass make this a bombproof hunk of kit. I love it’s army-looking design.

7. Autodromo Veloce Stainless

Autodromo Veloce Stainless

If your idea of evening wear is a set of driving gloves, you must get this timepiece. It has specialized redline markings on the face along with Swiss quartz movement by Ronda. The dial lens is pure KI glass with sapphire coating for a true race car Tachometer feel.

6. Void V03C

Void V03C

With 6 separate hands on an array of chronographs, Void will get your time down to the split second. Japanese quartz movement keeps everything in sync, a stainless steel body keeps everything inside, and multiple quality leather straps keep everything classy.

5. TSOVET SVT-DE 40 Chronograph

TSOVET SVT-DE 40 Chronograph

A contrasting chronograph with a 40mm stainless steel case and striking blue countenance offset by the brown leather band, this is meant to turn heads. Recessed dual eyes make this go well with a blazing fast coupe, since the acute accuracy is meant for time trials.

4. Mougin & Piquard for J. Crew Grande Seconde

Mougin & Piquard for J. Crew Grande Seconde

Watch collectors know the name Mougin & Piquard. They were a short-lived but highly respected company, so this model is a replica of sketches made by M&P. Hand assembled in Switzerland using Swiss parts and Swiss quartz movement, it is an aviator-style homage you shouldn’t miss.

3. Miansai M12 Swiss Stainless

Miansai M12 Swiss Stainless

A modern classic, the M12 combines Swiss parts, complete with Ronda quartz movement with a domed acrylic crystal and stainless steel case. The end result is a timeless timepiece, with a gently worn Italian strap and retro curved silver dial.

2. Tissot Tradition Men’s Chrono

Tissot Tradition Men’s Chrono

This could easily be your grandfather’s watch, but this stylish, sleek, ultra-modern watch and its three sunken chronographs that sit on the revered, Guilloché decorated face of the dial make the difference.

1. Shinola Runwell

Shinola Runwell

Made with Swiss parts hand-assembled in the industrial city of Detroit, this 41 mm stainless steel piece has a strong sapphire crystal and large, friendly dial. The simple nylon strap is made with comfort and easy adjustment in mind, so just pick it up and enjoy.

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