Top 10 Mind-blowing Modern Skyscrapers

Just in case you weren’t aware, the last few years brought with them the construction of some very impressive skyscrapers all over the world. Sure, we could argue that’s a waste of space and one sure way to increase pollution of the enironment, but it’s pretty safe to say that the skylines of the world’s most beautiful cities became much more appealing in recent times. So, just in case you want to ignore the smog, here are the 10 mos incredible modern skyscrapers in the world.

10. Nanfung Commercial, Hospitality and Exhibition Complex

Nanfung Commercial, Hospitality and Exhibition Complex

The Nanfung Commercial, Hospitality and Exhibition Complex can be found in Guangzhou, China. It was designed by the main director of Aedas, Andrew Bromberg; this massive complex features a modern and somewhat futuristic design, allpowing for various facilities and spaces for offices, exhibitions and luxurious hotels.

9. Az Tower

Az Tower

Probably the most spectacular tower in the Czech Republic, the Az Tower was constructed in the city of Brno. Featuring a stunning design based on sharp angles and a gorgeous blend of orange and dark blue, this tower is undoubtedly quite a sight to behold – and it resembles a hotel in my home city. AZ Tower is perfectly capable of hosting residential spaces as well as offices and retail facilities.

8. Ardmore Residence

Ardmore Residence

The Ardmore Residence tower of Singapore features a clean, white exterior design that allows it to give off a sense of purity and elegance. This structure is known to be one of the most energy and water-efficient structures in the city, which means that it has very little impact on the environment. Ardmore Residence houses high-end apartments or condominiums.

7. Mercury City

Mercury City

Moscow’s Mercury city is a masterpiece of engineering that soars high up towards the sky on 75 stories. Since it is the tallest building on the entire continent of Europe, this tower is equipped with a pair of high-end elevators that are able to travel at speeds of up to 23 feet per second. Moreover, Mercury City is equipped with certain facilities that allow it to utilize melting water – that’s interesting.

6. Flame Towers

Flame Towers

The majestic Flame Towers can be found in Baku, Azerbaijan, and they measure no less than 620 feet in height. Aside from their remarkable designs, the true spectacle takes place when their LED screens are turned on. Colorful, bright and stunningly beautiful, the Flame Towers represent the tallest skyscrapers in Baku.

5. One Central Park East

One Central Park East

One Central Park East can be found in Sydney, Australia. It features a series of lovely vertical gardens on each and every floor, impresing everyone with a mix of artificial and natural beauty. The tower also overlooks a large and beautiful park in Sydney, and it provides plenty of space for shopping venues and high-end residences. Perfect.

4. Cayan Tower

 Cayan Tower

Found in Dubai, the Cayan Tower is a massive 80-story construction that boasts an unusual yet highly spectacular design. The Cayan Tower features a special layout based on a twisting shape, which not only looks fabulous but also helps diminish the force at which the wind pushes onto the surface of the structure. Genius.

3. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

One of the most unusual skyscrapers is the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, which boasts a distinguished horseshoe shape instead of a regular towering layout. This horseshoe shape also has certain practical perks because it allows each and every one of the rooms in the hotel to benefit from their own balconies and stunning views.

2. DC Tower 1

DC Tower 1

The tallest building in Austria is called DC Tower 1, and it can be found in Vienna. Featuring an imposing, modern design as well as high-end eco-friendly technologies, this skyscraper is definitely worthy of its second spot on our list. The building includes water-saving bathrooms and showers, while its power requirements are fulfilled by green electricity.

1. The Shard

The Shard

London’s The Shard is instantly recognizable due to its angled glass façade and staggering height of 1,004 feet. As the tallest building in the European Union, The Shard is visited by a generous number of tourists on a regular basis, which means that it will become even more popular as the years go by.

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