Top 10 Ugly Sports Cars

These are the fastest, most expensive and – surprisingly – the most ugly sports cars in the world. A list of super fast cars that feature horrible body designs isn’t all  that common. Creating a supercar and making it look like a million bucks seems to be the recipe for success.

However, these developers went a different way and focused all his energy on building a powerful engine and left the body job to someone else, not quite as talented or inspired as expected. Do you dare take a look?

10. Covini C6W | Ugly Sports Cars

Covini C6W | Ugly Sports Cars

The Covini C6W is a coupe that was intended to be built in the late 1980’s, but due to the lack of manufacturing parts the project was abandoned until 2004. Built by Italian car maker Ferruccio Covini, the car was inspired from a 1976 Formula 1 mono-post which had in the front part of smaller wheel for better track grip.

9. Tramontana R | Sports Cars

Tramontana R | Ugly Sports Cars

While driving a sports car is so much fun and you probably want to share the experience with someone else, you don’t have a chance with the Tramontana R, due to the fact that the second passenger has to sit behind the driver. Inspired from racing cars, the Spanish builder from Advanced Design Tramontana, released the freak in 2005 and gave it also a pretty high price.

8. Yamaha OX99-11 | Ugly Sports Car

Yamaha OX99-11 | Ugly Sports Cars

The 90’s was a period where every odd looking car was supposed to represent the future, but this model wasn’t so futuristic from some people’s point of view. Considered ugly, with poor investments in the looks of the car, the Yamaha OX99-11 was a failure sports car that never ended in mass production.

7. Mitsuoka Himiko

Mitsuoka Himiko | Ugly Sports Cars

Mitsuoka Himiko is a car that not only strikes as ugly, but also was a cheap rip-off.  The sports car was built by Japanese Mitsuoka who inspired the body of the car from several English models, giving the customer a bad mix of good looking cars.

6. Lamborghini Egoista | Sport Car

Lamborghini Egoista | Ugly Sports Cars

We are lucky this is only a concept car, because the Lamborghini Egoista, is their ugliest sports car ever made. The performances of the Lamborghini Egoista, a concept car based on the Galllardo model, is pretty amazing, but when it comes to its looks, the people who made it failed.

5. The Urba Centurion

The Urba Centurion | Ugly Sports Cars

The Urba Centurion was featured in the famous 1990 Total Recall movie, as the car of the future. The Urba Centurion is a car which was built in the early 1980’s from a Triumph Spitfire who received a body job from the American Quincy-Lynn company. The idea of the car was to create something fast, with a diesel engine, a light body and a light chassis.

4. Panoz Abruzzi

Panoz Abruzzi | Ugly Sports Cars

When you talk about a “GT” car you talk about performance, high-class, luxury and style, but for some manufactures some details were lost in the process. This is the case of the Panoz Abruzzi, manufactured by Panoz Auto Development who wanted to share their vision with the European consumer, giving a half a million dollar car. While everything about it, says innovations, power, the looks of the car is pretty disappointing.

3. 2008 IFR Automotive Aspid

2008 IFR Automotive Aspid | Ugly Sports Cars

From the technical point of view, the 2008 IFR Automotive Aspid is a supercar with some awesome details, which gave it the opportunity to compete in the luxury division. But here we aren’t talking about the light weight, the agility and the exceptional performance, where are talking about the fact that this Aspid model is the ugliest we ever saw.

2. Jetstream SC250

Jetstream SC250 | Ugly Sports Cars

For number 2 on the list of ugliest sports cars we have the Jetstream SC250, a car built by a British manufacturer who released the car to production in 2008. The English car builder, in fact, made a pretty awesome car, but when it was the time to make a proper design he left the job to some software and a former Ford man who chopped up the car and gave it this look.

1. Mosler Raptor

Mosler Raptor | Ugly Sports Cars

Definitely the ugliest sport car on the list, the Mosler Raptor was a disaster when talking about its looks. We are talking about the 1997 Mosler Raptor a great car with a bad designer. While the manufacturer gave us splendid sports cars, in its early days the Mosler Automotive brand was taking the sports car world by its feet whit splendid win over some important American car contests.

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