Top 20 Happy Animals

If you don’t have a smile on your face now, you will in a few moments. For everyone will admit that nothing could get you in a better mood faster than a cute animal. These smiling animals, that look cheerful, sweet, or just plain goofy, are bound to turn around even the gloomiest of days. Please note that it is scientifically unproven whether animals can intentionally smile or not. But who cares, right?

I mean, sure; all medicines feature an ingredient and side-effects list, but as long as it has they have the indented effect the rest simply doesn’t matter. Check out these 20 happy animals and decide for yourselves.

1. happy animals

happy animals

2. smiling animals

smiling animals

3. pictures that make you smile

pictures that make you smile

4. funny smiles

funny smiles

5. pictures to make you smile

pictures to make you smile

6. happy pictures

happy pictures

7. smiling animals

smiling animals

8. happiest animal in the world

happiest animal in the world

9. happiest animal on earth

happiest animal on earth

10. happiest animal

happiest animal

11. make you smile

make you smile

12. things to make you smile

things to make you smile

13. animals smiling

animals smiling


smiling animal

15. happy animal pictures 

happy animal pictures

16. cutest animal on earth

cutest animal on earth

17. happy animals club 

happy animals club

18. smile be happy

smile be happy

19. animal smiling 

animal smiling

20. happy dog

happy dog

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