Top 6 Best Snowboards To Try Out This Winter

Today’s slopes are all about snowboarders and their carving, careening, out-of-control, off-the-chain lifestyle. I, for one, prefer to have a nice glass of wine or hot tea and just watch from the sides. However, with snowboarding getting more attention every yea, there’s even more options when it comes to choosing how to take on the hill.

No worries, I am here now! And, I come bearing gifts: the absolute cream of the crop, the 6 best snowboards worth every penny. Check it out!

6. Arbor Westmark Snowboard

Arbor Westmark

This is a beginner’s snowboard, and it is always a difficult choice. The Westmark is an outstanding buy, just perfect for tasting the snowboarding experience and give you room to grow. It offers a softer, more flexible feel that lets you adjust to using the board without too much aggression or too steep a learning curve. Try it out!

5. Burton Name Dropper Snowboard

Burton Name Dropper Snowboard

This board was specifically made with a freestyler state of mind; the Name Dropper is a beautiful creation that will help users land difficult tricks with ease. It has very deep flexibility that offers superior pop, allowing it to work in any kind of park, from street specific landscapes to those with unusual terrain. It features an off-axis, asymmetrical Filet-O-Flex technology which gives you a paper thin core profile from front to back; this means no reduced performance or endurance.

4. Capita Black Snowboard of Death

Capita Black Snowboard of Death

Capita does everything they can to make this badass board worthy if its name. The most recent model employs a huge nose with a hybrid camber profile to give it deadly carving and downhill abilities. Capita has chosen not to include a reverse camber at the back seat; instead, rider will notice a flat tail section which forces it to go rocker in the nose and camber betwixt the bindings. The stiff body wa built for speed and power, driving down the mountain like a battering ram. Keep them children away!

3. Nitro Blacklight Gullwing Snowboard

Nitro Blacklight Gullwing Snowboard

This might be the board you buy, especially since it’s so awesome looking. Well, as an added bonus, this snowboard will handle everything the mountain can throw at you. The rocker camber combo is a good one-two punch against riding high on powder or picking up speed with a dropped rear end on icy runs. Nitro redesigned these from their older, softer Gullwings with a pair of bumps called “power pods” that sit just outside of your feet.

2. Volkl Coal BX Race Snowboard


Any alpine race boards fans in  the house? Burton used to be one of the big dogs in the alpine stick kennel and their 1999 Factory Prime is still one of the sleekest boards on the planet – if you can find one. Völkl is still producing the racing style boards to this day, and the BX Race proves just that. This board is intended for one purpose: Go Fast. Make sure you’ve picked up a good snowboard helmetș you’ll be waiting for a while, since this import will take a while to get there.

1. Never Summer Prospector Snowboard

Never Summer Prospector Snowboard

And here it is, our #1. The Prospector is a gorgeous ride that handles powder more like a solid board so it’s easy to stay balanced and float down the most rural runs off the beaten path. But don’t just take my word for it, give it a chance.

How to choose the best Snowboard for Beginners

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