Top 7 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Although Bluetooth technology first appeared in 1998, current Bluetooth devices have come a long way and enable us to enjoy control, more features, expanded range, and increased depth of sound. Speaking of which, let’s focusing on the headphones which provide us with the motivation we desperately need sometimes at work. And, with no wires to trip over. they will also spare you from an embarrassing situation.

7. Harmon Kardon BT

Harmon Kardon BT

Looking like the 70s are back in style, which is true, the square headphones with the swiveling heads are rather stylish. Sure, they are different, but that’s not a bad thing; besides, you will enjoy greater sound range, you won’t get heavy, muddy bass while the overall sound is consistently crisp. Any comments?

The BT headphones make use of a growing technology known as apt-X, available for some of the newer smartphones, which allows users to hear uncompressed music in a much more natural state; however, you should expect larger sound files and have an apt-X enabled device. Some complained about the fact that the BTs don’t use a traditional charger but rather charge via the wired headphone jack. I’m not sure that’s relevant here.

6. JayBird BlueBuds X

JayBird BlueBuds X

The BlueBuds X weren’t meant for studio recordings, but they stay put even during the most intense workout routine. They feature a stiff cord and in-ear flaps to stay in place; the latter are porous, which means that even if you are jogging during rush hour, you won’t lose the ambient noise around you and get to the Emererncy Room instead of the shower.

With lifetime warranty against sweat, what is there left to think about?

5. BlueAnt PUMP

BlueAnt PUMP

You’re never going to be able to go swimming with Bluetooth headphones, mainly because the technology needs air to send a signal – although waterproof audio players, like the one provided by Sony, will do just fine. However, if you want to take your tunes surfing, rafting, or in the shower then the PUMP is for you. These headphones were created using military-grade teflon coating and won’t budge even if you were to sing upside-down in a kayak.

4. Jabra REVO Wireless

Jabra REVO Wireless

Usually, Bluetooth devices tend to be delicate and you hae to be really careful if you want them to last; but not the Jabra REVO Bluetooth headphones. These were built to handle some rough situations, as the steel hinges sunk into an aluminum frame easily prove. But don’t think they’re uncomfortable, ’cause you’d be wrong’ besides, the Dolby Digital enhanced sound under heavy fire is something to brag about.

Furthermore, the REVO features turntable-style controls, which allows the user to use a series of taps, swipes, and swirls to skip tracks, play and pause music, as well as access the other features of the REVO. Jabra has also developed an app that will give you even more control.

3. Nokia Purity Pro by Monster

Nokia Purity Pro by Monster

The Monster headphones are a game-changer. The Purity Pro are the best option if you need portable studio quality sound, while also enjoy long-term comfort and the ease with which these headphones get you from gig to gig. Even if you aren’t a pro, if  you don’t want to sacrifice quality in the name of portability, this is the way to go!

2. Bose AE2w

Bose AE2w

I’m not sure why, bit Bose has been flying under the radar with the AE2w; these headphones provide a clean sound, as well as outstanding noise cancelling features. That means you can ignore everyone and everything as you carefully hunt down  the enemy within your favorite game. The battery will give you 8 hours of fun per charge, which means traveling has just become easier.

1. Beats Studio Wireless

Beats Studio Wireless

And, we’re down to the Beats. Dr. Dre’s Beats are so revolutionary that Apple paid $3 billion dollars for the company, and these wireless headphones will make you understand why. The studio models feature a bumping baseline ideal for dance, hip-hop, R&B, rap, and electronic music. That was possible via a digital signal processor (DSP) software that compresses sound for transmission, thus improving wireless sound quality. Although meant for studio use, I’m guessing that for anyone that absolutely needs a professional grade Bluetooth headphone set, Beats is too beastly to ignore.

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