Top 10 Hottest Body Doubles in Hollywood

8. Rachel Kylian

Rachel Kylian

French actress Rachel Kylian is a woman of many talents: in addition to acting, she’s a model, dancer, and voice-over-artist, and speaks five languages (French, German, English, Swahili, and Spanish).

A potential star in the making, Kylian is still looking for her big break in Hollywood, and has already landed a few smaller roles in music videos, TV series, commercials, as well as a few feature films. The reason she’s on this list is that she was the body double of Gabrielle Union in the BET drama Being Mary Jane.

7. Heidi Moneymaker

Heidi Moneymaker

Heidi Moneymaker went to UCLA on a gymnastics scholarship, but afterwards decided to make an entire career out of her athletic skills. In addition to all sorts of acrobatics, she’s had to learn martial arts, how to handle weapons, and stunt driving.

Moneymaker has doubled for Michelle Rodriguez, Keri Russell, and Emily Browning, but most notably for Scarlett Johansson in her role as Black Widow, in the hugely successful Avengers series.

6. Samantha Jo

Samantha Jo

As a teenager, Samantha Jo was part of Canada’s international wushu team, which is a great thing to have on your résumé if you want to go on to become an action movie star.

Though we wouldn’t call her a star just yet, Jo has appeared as Kitana in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series, but also notably as Eva Green’s stunt double in 300: Rise of an Empire. She’s also doubled for Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Jenna Malone in Sucker Punch, and Antje Traure in Man of Steel.

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