12 best places to live in the world

You take a deep breath every time you feel nervous, excited or you just work out or have fun on the playing field. But what if you couldn’t? Times are hard for oxygen-addicts.

Pollution is everywhere, mucking up the air we all need to survive. There are cities and countries around the world that have crossed the line over into uncharted and dangerous territories for a while now; take, for instance, China. Drivers can’t see, pedestrians can’t breathe inside large cities and let’s not even discuss health issues.

So, if you’re into air like I am, check out this list of 12 countries that will put thous lungs to good use.

12. Tasmania


There are some important advantages to being located in the middle of the ocean. You see, as it travels thousands of miles, the air drops many of its pollutants over the ocean before arriving at the Tasmanian coast, allowing for locals and tourists to enjoy a fresh batch of clean air. Enjoy it while it’s still free!Commonwealth of Australia.)

11. The United States (Hawaii/New Mexico/Montana)

The United States (Hawaii/New Mexico/Montana)

Similar to China, the United States is another country where average air quality levels are boosted by its large size. Although air quality in many US cities is very poor, the environmental regulations prevent the US from being ranked among the most polluted in the world. Their salvation is, for now, Hawaii, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Montana. Isn’t Montana where Wyatt Earp used to hunt? I’m there!

10. Iceland


As with Tasmania, air passing through Canada and Greenland is purified before it reaches Iceland. The fact of the matter is that this country’s power and heat are generated almost entirely via clean, renewable energy and technologies. And, it shows!

9. Tahiti


It seems that Tahiti’s more remote lagoons and unpopulated motus are excellent destinations for clean air. I have to wonder, though, how come countries with no large surfaces of forests and trees are the less polluted? Strange.

8. Samoa


This island nation’s tropical climate and southern locale mean that air is always clean by the time it hits the shores, and with big investments in solar energy, things are bound to remains that way for a long time to come.

7. Antarctica


What this location lacks in forests, it makes up for in lack of permanent human inhabitants. It seems we’re more destructive that we really want to believe. Antarctica has some of the cleanest air in the world, although that wasn’t always the case. Anyone else remember the ”ozone hole’ scare back in the 1980s?

6. New Zealand

New Zealand

This particular country may have cheated in some way, I’m not quite clear how. It seems that the chilly air here originates from the oceans around Antarctica. This is like winning the lottery, geographical style!

5. Sweden


Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm has the largest percentage of hybrid vehicles in Europe, about 5 percent. Now, that’s not really much, but by comparison the effects are quite positive. Stockholm also charges a congestion fee for cars in its central area, just like London does, and heavily promotes cycling as a form of clean transportation. Feel free to take a trip and tell us all about the breathing down there.

4. Finland


Easy access to public transportation and strict regulation of industry – these were the direction adopted by Finland in an effort to limit emissions; despite a large urban population, it worked. Moreover, Finland complaints that most of the polluted air over its territory drifts in from its dirtier neighbors. How’s that for chicky?

3. Switzerland


Switzerland’s air quality has improved considerably over the past 25 years, although I’m not quite sure why they had this kind of issues. No war, no industry; what could have caused that? However, a well-developed and highly efficient public transportation system of trains, boats, buses and trams, and strict environmental regulation was the perfect solution to the problem.

2. Canada


Despite the large presence of a very dirty oil and gas industry, Canada’s air is constantly ranked as one of the cleanest in the world. This is probably possible due to its large uninhabited territories and vast forests. Canada, don’t you go changing!

1. Estonia


Now, this is something I wouldn’t have expected. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is ranked as having the best air quality in the world. More than half of the country’s land is covered by trees and public transit helps to keep emissions low. There’s your travelers point right there; at least if you’re out walking, you won’t regret it later.

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