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4 Of The Most Beautiful Sporades Islands

Legend has it that the Gods created the Sporades Islands by tossing colored pebbles into the Aegean Sea. The myth is reflected in the name Sporades, which means “the scattered ones,” and in the colors of their verdant green hills, sapphire blue waters and sandy beaches. Located off the east coast of Greece, the Sporades

Top 10 Vacation Cities For Weed Smokers

Pot smokers are known as one chilled bunch, but they still need a holiday every now and again. Taking a vacation from chilling out seems ridiculous to me, but ho am I to judge? So, the question is; where can they go and not give up their love for smoking? Various cities in the world

Top 10 Strange Communities

There are some very strange places out there, and this list features the top 10 weirdest communities of all. Some of these places are flourishing and welcoming to visitors, others were abandoned. You may think that your hometown is weird, but it’s way too normal compared to these locations. Please, continue what you were doing!

20 Unbelievable Alien Locations

The world is full of wondrous places, some of which resemble sights you would only expect to find on a distant, alien planet. If you’re dreaming of traveling somewhere uniquely different you don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars or venture into outer space, where few people have gone before, some of these most

10 Places Bachelors Must Visit

A man must settle down at one point in his lifetime, but let’s not focus on that right now. Let’s just think about what’s important: rock and roll all night and party every day! For those who like to party, hang out, meet people and live a full life, these next ten spots are perfect.

10 Cities Where Airport Taxi Should Be Avoided

For the those who don’t arrange travel transportation, a taxi seems the quickest way and the easiest to get around; but be careful, because around the world you can find cities with the highest airport taxi fares you ever saw. Some cities are known to charge per kilometer a pretty high price, that’s why traveling

10 Unusual Towns Worth Checking Out

A town is generally accepted as any region bigger than a village and smaller than a city. It has its own government, name, and boundary, complete with marketplaces and people spread throughout the area. Nothing unusual about any of that, right? Well, some towns have turned out to be very unique. Some were built to

10 Relatively Unknown European Countries

The recent Scottish independence referendum ended with a defeat for the nationalists, but this wasn’t about winning; the fact is that European secession movements have come to be on everyone’s minds in recent years. Even while the European Union has promoted greater integration across the continent, a wide variety of regions and ethnic minorities have

10 Forbidden And Isolated Communities

Being captured by a savage tribe, roasted at the stake, and then eaten sounds like a scene out of a King Kong movie. I even read that in a book once, and it didn’t seem pleasant. This is the sort of outlandish storyline that’s become commonplace in modern lore, inspired by true stories of native discoveries as