10 Enchanting Villages In Greece

Greece is an absolutely stunning place to visit, filled with culture, history and sexu babes. So, obviously, there are plenty of reasons to pay a visit. However, everyone knows the tourist hot spots like Athens, but we’ve decided to let you in on the secret, cool spots to explore in Greece. Here are 10 enchanting villages in Greece; feel free to experience them the next time you feel like traveling.

1. Mani


Located in Greece’s south, in the middle peninsula of the Peloponnese, Mani is rich with local history. From Byzantine relics to Franc castles, this is one place you shouldn’t miss out on. Castello Antico in Gytheio offers exceptional service and accommodation and the food at Takis Fish Tavern will keep you company.

2. Myrtos


For more of a beachside getaway, the small village of Myrtos on the south-eastern side of Crete is the way to go. Its tranquil white-walled houses and long sandy beach are ideal for someone looking for a quiet getaway.

3. Apollon


Hidden away on the northern shore of Naxos, Apollon is the furthest thing from a tourist trap. Visitors may enjoy an authentic slice of Greek culture and real people. The Adonis Hotel is the ideal place for accommodation here, and feel free to check out the nearby Akrogiali Café and Bar.

4. Syrrako


Nestled in the Ionian mountain ranges in the west of the country, Syrrako is a challenging place to visit. Cars are not allowed in the village, but there are plenty of old villas transformed into hotels to reward you for your trek such as the Syrrako Hotel.

5. Vatera


The island of Lesvos near Turkey is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. There is accommodation available at the Aphrodite Hotel and you can spend your time on the beach, which – judging by this picture – is time well spent.

6. Monemvasia


Monemvasia is a small island connected to Southern Greece’s mainland by a narrow bridge. This medieval village is built inside a castle and is quite a popular destination for honeymooners. It looks beautiful.

7. Olympos


Olympos is yet another island location, this time on the island of Karpathos. Olympos is all about rugged terrain and stunning natural beauty. A House for Rent is available at Irene’s House, a quaint little house renovated to welcome guests.

8. Dimitsana


Dimitsana is a popular winter destination for Greeks, but it’s not well known outside of the country. There are museums and plenty of restaurants where you can try some spiced Greek alcohol.

9. Zagorohoria


Zagorohoria is actually made up of a number of smaller villages in the Pindus mountain range. A hiker’s dream, this region offers some amazing scenery for those with the constitution to handle it, such as the Vikos Gorge.

10. Gavdos


Gavdos is the southernmost island in the Mediterranean and its geographic location supports the kind of activities available there. There’s not much to do on Gavdos except soak up the sun and the sea, and maybe pitch a tent. Perfect!

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