11 Of The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

For most of us, price is a significant factor when choosing a hotel. Sure ,you want to spoil yourself during the vacation, but there are limits – credit card limits, that is. We’re looking for comfort, location and amenities, but we prefer not to go crazy with the bill. The hotels on this list, however, do not fall into that category and if you feel offended by that.. that’s your problem! The fact is that these are the 11 most expensive hotels in the world, and they’re worth every penny. Check it out!

11. The Lanesborough, London – $13,000 Per Night


The Lanesborough is a bargain, by comparison one step up from the YMCA. Well, not quite, considering guest here enjoy a drawing room, a study, and a view of Buckingham Palace – this is England, after all.

10. Hotel Cala di Volpi, Italy – $45,000 Per Night

Built in the style of a traditional fishing village on the island of Sardinia, the Cala di Volpi has more Mediterranean charm than the Amalfi coast. The Presidential Suite features a private swimming pool, a fitness center, and a solarium; basically, you’ll never have to leave your room – until you run out of cash.

9. Laucala Island Resort, Fiji – $40,000 Per Night

On the island of Fiji, Laucala Island Resort is one of the most incredible placesyou’ve ever seen. Guests may snorkel among brightly colored coral, ski, go horseback riding, or play golf – yes, I said “ski”. However, you need an invite from the owner, Dietrick Mateschitz – owner of Red Bull – if yo want to sleep here.

8. Burj Al Arab, Dubai – $2,000-$12,000 Per Night

Dubai had to be featured on the list. The Burj Al Arab is the world’s first and only 7 star hotel, and it’s quite similar to a sail boat. The hotel only has suites, which obviously featureeverything you can think of. Guest may enjoy a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, a private or a helicopter ride. Nothing but the best!

7. Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris – $30,000 Per Night

On the fifth floor overlooking Europe’s capital is the largest four-bedroom suite in Paris. So, if you love 18th century panelings, damasks and luxurious silks, not to mention Parisian chic, antique furniture, this is the plce for you.

6. The Four Seasons, New York City – $30,000 Per Night


The Ty Warner Penthouse features a heated toilet seat and a bed that’s higher than anyone else’s in New York,. Guests will be impressed by onyx, rock crystal and 22 carat gold silks, not to mention the waterfall in the Zen room. Zen is fine, it keeps you from thinking about all that money.

5. Raj Palace, India – $45,000 Per Night

The Maharaja’s Pavilion is just one of the Presidential Suites at the Raj. The Pavilion is a four floor apartment: one for your secretary, one for your museum, the third floor for the library while the fourth floor is the Pleasure Pavilion. The Maharaja used to live here, which is why the whole place is quite lavishly decorated.

4. The Connaught Hotel, London – $24,000 Per Night


The Connaught is a small, refined hotel – quite different from everything else on the list. It offers a quiet, sophisticated air, a place where you can sit in the lounge and still read a newspaper without anyone bothering you. You’ll get a 24-hour butler service, Michelin star chef, and 3,000 feet of opulence. Happy day!

3. Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece – $40,000 Per Night

Is  the Royal Villa at Lagonissi the most expensive hotel suite in the world? Who could say, but this place located on the Athens sea front is superb. The Royal Villa is equipped with everything, including marble bathrooms, butler, heated indoor pool, gym, private wooden terrace, works of art, dining room and fireplace, and hi-speed Wi-Fi.

2. Hotel President Wilson, Geneva – $65,000 Per Night

The Royal Penthouse Suite brags about being the largest and most luxurious hotel suite in the world. With 12 marble bathrooms, its own gym, a billiards table and a Steinway grand piano, guest may miss the panorama of the Alps from the wraparound terrace over a morning bowl of Alpen. The windows here are bullet proof glass, so you could imagine what kind of people come here. The Penthouse Suite also comes with staff, including guides to show you around town.

1. Lover’s Deep, St. Lucia – $150,000 Per Night

Would you pay that ammount? This is basically a submarine, where you get to experience your own personal crew, along with other goodies. This wil probably be the most expensive one night stand ever.

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